24 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Orlando with Kids

Orlando, a wonderful city in Florida, is the center of tourist attraction. The city encompasses beautiful, fun lands, Universal Resort, and Walt Disney World. There is a great deal of entertainment for kids and adults. Kelly Park is specifically designed for nature lovers. The adorable world of colors and beauty attracts everyone magically.

Our team shortlisted some of the best places for families and youngsters to visit in Orlando.

  1. ICON

Icon Park comprises 20 acres of beautiful land. It always draws the attention of little tykes. It offers great fun. Visitors can enjoy long twisted rides, funky bars, exquisite boutiques, and forty majestic

restaurants. This fabulous iconic park is known for The highest Wheel of 400ft. The eye-catching view of the whole city can be witnessed from The Wheel.

Other places of adventure are Madame Tussauds and Sea Life.

  1. Sea Life Orlando Aquarium

The floating sea creatures in gigantic aquarium still catches the attention of kids. Colorful clownfish, sea turtles, and magnificent sharks freely dance in the aquarium. Tourists can book tickets for dive shows where sea divers playfully interact with sea creatures and endangered species. Kids can fearlessly watch fish being fed.

Don’t forget to attend Toddler Time airing every Tuesday specifically for toddlers. The captivating beauty of this park, amazing activities like Sing-A-Long, and story time will not let them go anywhere.

  1. Disneyworld

Orlando is just like a pool of entertainment and fun for kids. Disneyland is a complete package; it has many theme parks, fascinating shows, and exciting rides. Time will be insufficient to cover all of them. The glaring restaurants and trendy shopping centers add more charm to Disneyworld. Tourists from all around the world can have so many options. They may plan to stay in Disneyland. Mickey and Minnie’s land is also a perfect place for families.

  1. Gatorland

They are scary, frightening, and enthralling. Gatorland is a strange and ferocious home of crocodiles and alligators. Their size varies from small grunts to monstrous 14ft reptiles. There is also a large collection of leucistic and ocellated alligators.

Flying aviary, stunning animal shows, Gator Zipline, and a zoo full of pets seem like an alien world. Surely, you will be amazed to see all this.

So Florida is an outstanding place for families and especially for kids.

  1. Madame Tussauds

One of the most famous places to visit in Florida is Madame Tussauds. Famous and well-renowned celebrities, actors, and athletes are displayed perfectly in the Wax Museum. All the sculptures are artistically made of wax.

The memorable and fascinating sculptures of favorite superheroes like Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, and Cyborg are neatly placed in the relevant sections.

So, if you have leisure time, don’t miss a chance to witness this engrossing beauty.

  1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Kids love to watch the Harry Potter series. The magical world of Harry Potter is transformed into reality by recreating the actual Harry Potter fun land. A tour of Orlando is incomplete without visiting the magical realm of Hogwarts. The magic and thrill are idealistically recreated by Universal Studios Florida.

You can land in the dark avenues of Diagon Alley to face the risk and danger encircling the Gringotts bank.

Or you can explore the hamlet of Hogsmeade and even walk into the gateways of Hogwarts castle.

  1. Blue Man Group Show

If you want a comedy-type show, then you are at the right place. Visit the Blue man show, a family-friendly event with an amazing blend of concert, comedy, and absorbing theatrical performances. Time flies while watching the heart-warming performances, and you don’t want to leave. The concert organized by Universal Studios incorporates art and music. It creates a blissful party environment that refreshes the audience.

  1. Kelly Park

The luscious green landscape is a center of attraction for nature lovers. The crystal blue water of Rock Springs is an oasis that flows calmly. It is one of the most gorgeous places to visit with your kids. The most popular activity in Kelly Park is tubing.

It is one of the loveliest places for kids as they can enjoy swimming, hiking, and camping here.

Bumper tubing is another popular activity here. It is a source of great fun for kids to make themselves relax amidst oppressive climates.

  1. Orlando Water sports Complex

Paddleboarding offers great fun in the aquapark, the Water sports Complex. It is one of the best activities to do in the Orlando Water Complex. Riding on an inflatable raft, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and water skiing are adventures full of energy, refreshment, strength, and competition.

You can jump on bouncy inflatables and play with your kids.

  1. Crayola Experience

Experiencing the real world of crayons brings shine on children’s faces. It is an indoor game activity where kids have unlimited options to interact with color games. You can select a drawing of your choice and wrap it with stamped crayons. These activities are designed to explore the creativity of kids. Visitors can also shop from Crayola products. Animated shows are also performed for kids.

  1. The World of Chocolate Museum

Chocolates and candies are always scrumptious and yummy. So, let’s explore the history of chocolate with your kids in the Chocolate Museum. Six feet tall chocolate sculptures are going to fascinate your kids. Their faces are going to beam with happiness. The pairing of chocolate and wine amused the older visitors. If you have ever visited Orlando, don’t forget to visit Chocolate Museum and taste the gourmet chocolates from around the world.

  1. Slingshot

One of the longest and most exciting rides is Slingshot in Florida. A giant box, known as Spring Machine, stores 40tons of energy, tilts back, and you feel yourself repose.

Just one complete flow, and you get off. Slingshot is the most thrilling ride. It takes 160km/hrs to a 100m height. It propels the riders to a maximum height of 150 m.

Ride only if you are strong-hearted.

  1. Universal’s Islands of Adventure

It is an ideal place for a family trip. It is rated as one of the greatest amusement parks. It is known as Universal’s Island of Adventure and is adorned with superheroes, dinosaurs, witchcraft, magical heroes, and much more. The long zig-zag rides give a sensational feeling.

The rides are exciting and unique, giving you a scary adrenaline rush.

Friends and families can book available resorts and may enjoy their holidays for a long time.

  1. Discovery Cove

The most relaxing and unique place to carelessly enjoy yourself with your little kids. It is located on the outskirts of Florida; here, kids can fearlessly swim with dolphins and starfish.

No need to worry! As a strong glass barrier separates you from sharks and other sea creatures. It is an unbelievable and mesmerizing experience to swim along with fish.

You may relax while resting on the sandy beach, listening to the melodious voices of exotic birds.

  1. Fun Spot America

The earth seems to move upside down with exhilarating rides. The galvanic roller coaster, twisted kart, and bumpy tracks electrify the passengers. The unforgettable rides, strenuous challenges, and unlimited fun packages distinguish this place from the rest of the entertainment parks. So, Orlando is the best place to live a lively life with your family.

  1. Escape Effect Escape Room Orlando

Escape Room in Orlando is an amazing way to enjoy quality time with your family and kids.

It offers numerous themes and customizable escapades; mystery, fun, and thrill are evident in this game. Searching for hints and clues makes it more challenging and intriguing. Kids can encounter four unique adventures.

A Knight to Escape and a 2-hour escape room offer you a chance to discover enigmatic mysteries just like a Sherlock.

  1. Tree Trek Adventure Park

This park is a perfect place for thrill and adventure lovers. The evergreen track opens in a natural pine forest. Swinging logs, loose Tarzan ropes, and crossing wobbly bridges above the ground seem like a fantasy. Kids are safe to swing freely on Tarzan ropes as they are tied with straps to maintain their balance.

  1. Oviedo Recreation Gym

An indoor rock-climbing contest is an amazing adventurous activity for kids. The gym offers a chance for novice climbers to explore their hidden talents and climb the rock at a fast pace. It is a perfect gymnastic activity that strengthens their muscles and makes them strong. Their bodies get trained while engaging in fun.

Trained instructors guide kids and help them to climb without fear of failure. Kids can easily climb great heights in a safe environment without any risk or danger.

  1. Museum of Illusions

Unusually, you can take your selfies in different rooms, but the printed pictures seem amazingly incredible. The brain refuses to accept what our eyes see because 3D illustrations, technology, and scientific factors are logically combined to create an illusional impact. Kids and adults can take pictures with their friends and post them on social media platforms.

The exciting and intriguing illusion museum has branches in over twenty countries. The mind-blowing illusions forced the visitors to think out of the box. The outstanding photos’ result confuses you, but they are funny and wonky.

  1. inFly

If you want to break the monotony of your life. Let’s try skydiving in it. It is the safest place to experience paragliding. It is a gem to be explored by adults and kids. Fear of the unusual heights will remain no longer, and you will be a trained acrobat. Enjoy the free fall with specially designed wind tunnels and safety gear.

The fundamental information about technology and science is also provided in STEM Field Trips which built confidence in kids to fly beyond the limits of the sky without any fear.

  1. Ride Trolley Service

This reasonable and highly exclusive transportation service drops you to amazing destinations. Kids will love to ride on trains, which is the most convenient way to navigate through well-renowned places. The beautiful and eye-catching sights and long relaxing journey in I-Travel Trolley tranquilizes the mind and body. It is a popular track offering you to view all the famous theme parks in Orlando.

  1. Wekiwa Springs State Park

This park is notable for swimming, hiking, camping, and canoeing. It contains various plants and diverse wildlife. It’s fun for kids to swim in the water on hot days. This place is ideal for visiting with kids in the spring season because swimming relaxes and refreshes you. The scenic rivers, beautiful aquatic animals, tropical birds, and grassy hills attract tourists worldwide. There are no safety guards available here, so parents must be careful and keep an eye on their children.

  1. Peppa Pig Theme Park

This park at LEGOLAND Florida offers kids interactive rides and outdoor theatre performances. In this super fun park, kids can enjoy a roller coaster, play various games, celebrate “muddy puddles,” and laugh with Peppa and her companions. This park is full of vibrant colors. There is a giant rainbow at the entrance.

The bouncy Dinosaur ride is one of the most wonderful, and there are six rides. All of them are exclusively created for little kids.

  1. LEGOLAND Florida Resort

Legoland Resort is designed specifically for little kids. Unlimited fun rides, waterparks, and amusement parks are themed on famous LEGO characters. Once you step here and your children will not allow you to leave.

There is a great zeal of enjoyment for kids to watch their favorite toys in such a big size.

4D rides, roller coasters, and exciting shows grab kids’ attention. One day trip will be insufficient to behold the majesty of the adventurous land of Orlando.

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