24 Teacher-Approved Third Grade Workbooks

Are you looking for the top worksheets for third grade? We have your back! To help third-grade kids improve their knowledge in specific topic areas and prevent the summer slip, we conducted the necessary research and put together this collection of curriculum-aligned, fun resources. Discover the best workbooks for math, science, reading, and other subjects that teachers highly suggest.

Best Math Third Grade Workbooks

3rd Grade Common Core Math: Daily Practice Workbook

This workbook gives us some math tests. Additionally, it features a state-aligned curriculum, 20 weeks of multiple-choice tests, and a final exam. 

Star Wars Workbook: 3rd Grade Math

This third-grade worksheet is influenced by Star Wars and makes arithmetic more enjoyable, students will learn effectively. Children will enjoy calculating the size of R2-D2’s holo screen, learning which geometric form exists in a galaxy far, far away, and many more things. 

180 Days of Math: Grade 3 – Daily Math Practice Workbook

Every exercise in this workbook corresponds to some math idea. Subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division will be practiced by the pupils. They will also work on logical issues, data analysis, and mathematical reasoning.

Introducing MATH! Grade 3

Learners get to put their operations and mathematical reasoning, Base Ten numbers, operations, Fractions-operations, Geometry skills, and Measurement and Data to the test. The workbook also includes a combined evaluation. 

Spectrum Math – 3rd Grade

This third-grade grade workbook’s 160 pages and ten chapters give pupils specialized instruction in math skills. Children will keep on top of their math skills with the help of progressive practice, math in real-world situations, and exams that track progress. 

Best Reading Third Grade Workbooks

Reading Comprehension, Grade 3

This colorful workbook includes relevant reading material and activities based on third-grade national standards. The aim is to guarantee that kids are proficient in reading comprehension before moving on. It has an answer key and 80 removable, reusable sheets.

Scholastic Success with Reading Comprehension, Grade 3

With these standards-based materials, you may provide kids with focused practice to help them develop their skills. You have over 40 practice sheets ready to print in every workbook. Additionally, simple-to-follow instructions and enjoyable activities encourage pupils to operate independently.

180 Days of Reading – Grade 3

This workbook’s exercises are in accordance with college readiness and other state requirements, making it perfect for school, homework, or remote study. The reading passages are accompanied by data-driven evaluation advice and digital copies of the assessment tools.

Reading Comprehension Grade 3

This third-grade workbook asks children to read brief sections and respond to questions providing them with additional practice. The book concludes with a practical exam for each portion, a copyable answer sheet, and a comprehensive answer key for every unit.

Evan-Moor Daily Reading Comprehension, Grade 3

The techniques and abilities that kids need to develop to become proficient readers are explicitly taught in this third-grade workbook and practiced by the children. It contains reusable pages and 150 unique texts from both non-fiction and fiction. Additionally, look for visual aids to assist students in applying understanding techniques to the sections they read.

Best Writing Third Grade Workbooks

Spectrum Writing Book, Grade 3

This workbook helps children write for several purposes, including story-telling, informational reports, and opinion writing. With writing paragraphs, personal stories, fairytales, news reports, descriptive comparisons, how-to guides, persuasive letters, and other types of writing, kids learn how to complete each phase of the writing process.

Scholastic Success with Writing, Grade 3

This third-grade workbook includes over 40 reproducible exercise pages and simple instructions that are following state requirements. This is a workbook that works well for individual studies.

180 Days of Writing for Third Grade

Encourage students to write narrative, informative/explanatory, and viewpoint essays. It offers exercises that improve language and grammatical abilities. Realistic evaluations are offered via genre-specific rubrics and data-analysis tools, which support teachers in differentiating their lessons.

Scholastic Success With Grammar, Grade 3

With these standards-based materials, you may provide kids with practice to help them develop their skills. You have over 40 practice sheets ready to print in every workbook. Simple instructions and enjoyable activities encourage pupils to operate independently. Every task is following state standards.

Star Wars Workbook: 3rd Grade Reading and Writing

With the help of this Star Wars worksheet, Force will be strong in you. It includes exercises for proper nouns (such as Chewbacca or copilot), creating a trip guide for Naboo, and even punctuating R2-D2 C-3PO’s conversation!

Best Third Grade Workbooks for Science & Social Studies

Daily Science, Grade 3

You can assist children in gaining knowledge of terminology and concepts from science that meet requirements. This resource offers multiple-choice comprehension assessments as well as practical scientific exercises. It will help you to introduce topics in physical, biological, and earth sciences to pupils.

Interactive Notebooks: Science, Grade 3

With the help of this workbook, kids participate in the learning experience. Tasks involve studying the human body, substance, force, the solar system, basic devices, and animal and plant adaptations.

180 Days of Science: Grade 3

Children learn to assess and interpret scientific settings and information. They can also sharpen their thinking abilities, comprehend scientific and engineering procedures better, and respond to queries that need a prepared solution.

Complete Book of Maps and Geography for Kids

Aid students in developing the knowledge and abilities needed for geography and map-reading basis. Practice exercises cover topics like North and South American geography, US regions, grid maps, and more!

180 Days of Social Studies: Grade 3

Children are trained through the analysis of primary sources, the completion of text-dependent questions, and the development of grade-level humanities knowledge in weekly social studies units. History, economy, civics, and geography are the four subjects that are covered in detail every week.

Best Overall Third Grade Workbooks for Summer

Kids Summer Academy by ArgoPrep – Grades 3-4

By keeping children interested, this workbook will stop summertime learning loss. A 12-week program spanning reading, arithmetic, science, sports, logic, yoga, and riddles is in the activities.

Summer Bridge Activities – Grades 3 – 4

All subjects— reading, writing, math, science, humanities, sports, and character development—are covered in this third-grade workbook. Furthermore, extra stickers and flashcards!

Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 3

Each page is loaded with practical exercises and games that explore a wide range of topics, including reading skills, figures of speech, spelling, vocabulary odds and evens, and multiplication tables

Evan-Moor Daily Summer Activities, Grade 3-4

Exercising, the fun activities in this workbook will help students gain confidence for the following grade level. Exercises allow students to practice fundamental abilities in many academic areas, including geography, writing, math, and reading.

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