25 Astounding Space Activities For Kids


Children have always been fascinated with the idea of outer space and the wonders that lie beyond our planet. With all the planets, stars, and galaxies out there, it’s no surprise that kids love learning about and exploring the cosmos. If you’re looking for ways to inspire your child’s love for space, we’ve gathered 25 astounding space activities they can enjoy!

1. Create a Solar System Model: Use various materials like foam balls, paint, and clay to make a model of our solar system.

2. Star Gazing: Spend an evening outside star gazing and try identifying different constellations or planets.

3. DIY Constellation Projector: Make a simple constellation projector using a cardboard box and flashlight.

4. Paper Mache Planets: Create stunning paper mache planets using balloons as molds.

5 Visit Your Local Planetarium: Take a trip to your nearest planetarium to enjoy shows and exhibits about space.

6. Make Galaxy Slime: Mix glitter glue, water, food coloring, and borax to create slime that resembles a galaxy.

7. Paint Space-Themed Rocks: Paint rocks with cosmic designs like stars, planets, or comets.

8. Space Memory Game: Create a memory game using cards featuring different space objects like planets, stars, and satellites.

9. Cardboard Tube Rocket Craft: Use paper towel or toilet paper rolls to create fun rockets with streamers.

10. Reading Space Books: Enjoy reading books about space exploration and astronaut adventures with your kids.

11. Build LEGO Space Vehicles: Use LEGO bricks to create spaceships or rovers for imaginative playtime.

12. Stargazing Apps: Use smartphone apps like SkyView Lite that help identify stars, constellations, and planets in the night sky.

13. Moon Crater Art Project: Create moon craters using aluminum foil or white paint on black paper.

14. Space-themed Jigsaw Puzzles: Assemble puzzles featuring stunning images of stars, planets, and galaxies.

15. Space Yoga: Practice yoga poses inspired by planets, stars, and other celestial objects.

16. Astronaut Training Obstacle Course: Set up an obstacle course for kids where they pretend to train as astronauts.

17. DIY Rockets: Create homemade rockets using vinegar and baking soda or Alka-Seltzer.

18. Alien Play Dough: Make green play dough and decorate it with googly eyes and pipe cleaners to create aliens.

19. Meteorite Toss Game: Use foil wrapped socks to toss meteorites into space-themed targets.

20. Learn About Famous Astronauts: Research and discuss famous astronauts like Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Mae Jemison.

21. Space Mad Libs: Create a themed Mad Libs game featuring space-related stories and events.

22. Watch Documentaries about Space Exploration: Enjoy documentaries that detail the history of space travel and fascinating discoveries in outer space.

23. Create Space-Themed Foods: Make fun snacks like astronaut pudding or rocket dogs for a special treat during your cosmic adventures.

24. Plan an Imaginary Trip to Mars: Work together to plan a pretend journey to Mars, including necessary supplies and possible obstacles you might encounter.

25. Online Space Games: Discover various online games that help kids learn about space while having fun.


With these 25 astounding activities, you’re sure to keep your children inspired about space exploration for years to come! Encourage their natural curiosity of the cosmos by engaging them in these fun projects and conversations about our Universe’s vast wonders.

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