25 Awesome Activities To Teach The Articles of Confederation

1. Introduction: Begin by providing an overview of the Articles of Confederation and its historical significance. Discuss why it was created and some of the challenges faced during its development.

2. Timeline Activity: Create a timeline illustrating key events leading up to and during the drafting and ratification of the Articles.

3. Document Analysis: Break down the sections of the Articles, discussing the purposes of each article and what powers are delegated to the Congress.

4. Video Presentation: Show a well-researched documentary or video discussing the Articles to provide visual context.

5. Debate: Organize a classroom debate to consider strengths and weaknesses of the Articles, as well as potential alternatives.

6. Roleplay: Assign students to represent different states at the Continental Congress, having them negotiate and reach compromises on key issues.

7. Case Studies: Examine specific cases where states faced problems under the Article’s weak central government structure, such as boundary disputes or economic disagreements.

8. Graphic Organizer: Create a graphic organizer comparing the functions of government under both the Articles and its successor, the U.S. Constitution.

9. Word Cloud: Develop a word cloud using key terms related to the Articles, such as “sovereignty,” “tyranny,” and “representative government.”

10. Kahoot! Quiz: Create an engaging online quiz using Kahoot! to test students’ knowledge about the Articles of Confederation.

11. Jigsaw Activity: Have students work in small groups, each focusing on one aspect or section of the document before presenting their findings to their classmates.

12. Breakout Room Discussion: Set up virtual breakout rooms in Zoom for students to collaboratively discuss questions regarding key issues relating to the Articles.

13. Jeopardy Game: Create a jeopardy-style game with categories based on important people, events, issues, and vocabulary related to the Articles.

14. Essay Assignment: Have students write essays discussing the significance of the Articles in shaping America’s early government and its lasting impact on the nation.

15. Poster Presentation: Students can create informative posters that depict a specific event or theme related to the Articles.

16. Speech Analysis: Study speeches given by proponents and opponents of the Articles during the Constitutional Convention.

17. Primary Sources: Analyze letters, diaries, and other primary sources from individuals involved in drafting, debating, and ratifying the Articles.

18. Song Parody: Create a song parody that uses modern music to describe key aspects of the Articles of Confederation.

19. Podcast Project: Students can produce a podcast episode focused on a specific topic related to the Articles.

20. Illustrated Booklet: Compile an illustrated booklet showcasing key events, milestones, or achievements related to the Articles of Confederation.

21. Newspaper Article: Write a newspaper article chronicling what life was like under the rule of the Articles, keeping in mind its successes and challenges.

22. Crossword Puzzle: Design a crossword puzzle utilizing key terms and ideas from the Articles and their historical context.

23. Map Activity: Illustrate the geographic territories organized under the authority of the Articles, noting how they were divided and governed.

24. Simulation/Game: Create a simulation or game that allows students to grapple with problems arising from a weak central government, such as trade disputes or defense issues.

25. Skits/Dramatization: Encourage students to perform skits or dramatizations of key debates that took place during the writing of the Articles, bringing history to life through role-play scenarios.

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