25 Best Family Restaurants in Las Vegas

Nevada’s Las Vegas is a well-known city with a wide variety of well-liked tourist attractions.

Several food alternatives are available to you and your family while on vacation in the stunning and energetic Sin City.

However, when traveling with kids, picking the ideal restaurant to satisfy your child’s appetite might be challenging.

To make this trip simpler and more enjoyable, I’ve put together a list of some of the top family-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada, that can satiate your appetite and the appetites of your children, regardless of their age.

  1. Giordano’s

On the strip is an Italian eatery called Giordano’s that serves deep-dish pizza and other Italian specialties.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Bring your pizza-loving family to Giordano’s so they may indulge in delicious pizzas of all varieties, whether they prefer stuffed or thin-crust pizzas.

In addition to pizza, there are delicious sandwiches, pasta, salads, chicken wings, and other options.

Giordano’s also offers a special children’s menu.

They can savor eating spaghetti, chicken fingers, mini pizzas, and other foods.

Expert Tip

Giordano’s offers gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options if you follow a special diet or have certain allergies.

  1. Shake Shack

One of the most well-liked family eateries in Las Vegas is Shake Shack.

You and your tribe can have finger foods, light dinners, and refreshing drinks here.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Looking for a quick meal before leaving to see a concert or continue your tour?

Then Shake Shack is a fantastic restaurant for you.

Your loved ones can savor various delectable foods, including tasty chicken, thick fries, juicy hamburgers, shakes, lemonades, and floats.

Expert Tip

If you are traveling with a pet, Shake Shack is a fantastic restaurant to eat at.

They have a doggie bag of five cookies for your dogs as a wonderful gift for a man’s best friend.

  1. Hash House A Go Go

Bottom of Form

Locals frequent Hash House A Go Go for breakfast, but they also provide a variety of other meals throughout the day.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Relish breakfast at Hash House A Go Go, and get your day off to a good start.

You’ll adore having the option to eat delicious chicken, bacon, fresh fruit, and more.

The different waffle and flapjack varieties will be especially beloved by your kids.

Hash House A Go Go is popular for its breakfast nook, but it also serves delectable supper fare, including steak, salmon, and shrimp.

Expert Tip

Always check the website of Hash House A Go Go before scheduling your visit.

They often hold fun promotions on special occasions, like a special discount for dads on Father’s Day.

  1. Rainforest Cafe

With mechanical animals and delectable food, The Rainforest Cafe is a great option for kid-themed restaurants in Las Vegas.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Consider dining at the Rainforest Cafe if you’re searching for a pleasant family restaurant in Las Vegas where you can enjoy delicious food and fun surroundings.

As you and your children view the animal animatronics and take in the rainforest atmosphere, you can indulge in various delectable delicacies and embark on a delightful trip here.

Tracy the Talking Tree, who speaks with a humorous, environmentally beneficial message every thirty seconds, is included.

Expert Tip

Take your family to the Rainforest Cafe’s on-site store after you eat. Numerous products with a rainforest motif are available to purchase, including children’s toys, apparel, mugs, plates, and souvenirs.

  1. Le Village Buffet

The five regions of France are represented in Le Village Buffet, a buffet restaurant.

It offers top-notch cuisine and breathtaking scenery.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

By choosing to eat at Le Village Buffet, you and your loved ones can take a trip to the lovely nation of France.

It is one of the finest French restaurants in the vicinity. It serves steak, fresh seafood, and a variety of French sweets like macarons, crepes, and creme brulee.

The five themed stations each provide the best delicacies from one of France’s five provinces.

Expert Tip

Le Village Buffet offers crepes that can be customized!

You are free to ask for any flavor.

Sugar-free treats are also available at this buffet restaurant, which is great if you’re traveling with a person with diabetes.

  1. Black Bear Diner

The Black Bear Diner is a welcoming, family-friendly eatery with a friendly vibe.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

If you’re looking for family-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas that provide a homey atmosphere, The Black Bear Diner is ideal.

If you come for breakfast, lunch, or supper, you can eat a hot, freshly prepared meal.

For those on a diet, this restaurant also provides a detailed count of calories with every meal you order.

Expert Tip

Ask for their Cubs menu if you have toddlers or younger children.

There are foods on the menu specifically for your kids, such as chocolate chip pancakes, strawberry french toast, pizza, fruit drinks, chocolate milk, and freshly cut fruit.

  1. Carmine’s Restaurant

The Italian eatery Carmine’s Restaurant is located in The Forum Shops at Caesars.

It has gorgeous decorations and delectable meals that will transport you to Italy.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

There is no better restaurant than Carmine’s if your family likes pasta and Italian food.

Whether you’re in the mood for pasta, chicken, vegetables, seafood, and more, you may pick from a wide selection of delectable dishes and selections.

Expert Tip

Your teenagers can continue exploring The Forum Shops at Caesars after dinner while you and your spouse linger a little longer at the restaurant.

You can share a romantic moment while sipping on a nice wine.

  1. Café Hollywood

Within the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is a themed restaurant called Café Hollywood.

It is always available and serves a diverse selection of American classics and Italian and Asian cuisine.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

A contemporary eatery called Café Hollywood transports you to Old Hollywood.

It has a cool ambiance, great food, and walls covered in celebrity photos.

Additionally, 35 monitors will keep you and your family occupied while you eat.

Juicy prime rib steaks, kung pao trio, and other delicacies are among its best-selling offerings.

Your kids will like their milkshakes stuffed to the gills with candy, brownies, chocolate, and cookie straws.

Expert Tip

You can reserve an opulent private room at Café Hollywood if you are traveling to a big party or organizing a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary meal.

Up to 65 individuals can occupy the private rooms.

  1. Honey Salt

A relaxed and contemporary pub and cafe, Honey Salt.

This New American restaurant is located at Rampart Commons, a renowned Las Vegas shopping center.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Honey Salt is a fantastic choice when seeking family-friendly restaurants.

You may get mouthwatering food, organic selections, and farm-to-table options at this restaurant.

Honey Salt is the place to go if you miss eating food prepared at home.

In contrast to the countless hectic and chaotic feelings of numerous Las Vegas eateries, Honey Salt provides a pleasant and welcoming ambiance.

Expert Tip

In addition to Green Garden Mondays, which are ideal for when you want to enjoy organic, vegetarian meals, Honey Salt frequently hosts events like Tuesday Pie Night. You can relish chicken pot pie or lobster pot pie for a reasonable price.

  1. Carnival World Buffet

More than 200 dishes are available at the upmarket buffet restaurant Carnival World Buffet.

It offers food from America, Latin America, Asia, and Italy.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Unable to choose what to eat?

Do you and your family members have varied dietary preferences?

Come then to the Carnival World Buffet for dinner.

You have countless options available, and your kids will love exploring the restaurant and sampling different foods.

You can watch world-class chefs cooking and preparing dishes as you make your way around the restaurant.

Expert Tip

You and your partner can indulge in an unlimited draught beer and house wine bundle for just thirteen dollars.

  1. Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips

A British counter service restaurant, Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips, serves updated versions of traditional fish and chips.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

One of the top dining establishments in Las Vegas for children is Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips.

It is a fast-casual restaurant, ideal if you’re looking for a terrific place to eat that is convenient, quick, and tasty.

Shrimp, lobster, chicken, sausage, and other alternatives are among the many flavors and selections it offers.

Pick your favorite sauces here.

Expert Tip

The sticky toffee pudding that Gordon Ramsay makes is one of his signature sweets.

The sticky toffee milkshake at Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips is a delicious rendition of this that you and your kids will adore.

  1. Earl of Sandwich

One of the most well-known sandwich destinations in Las Vegas is The Earl of Sandwich.

This restaurant attracts many customers because of its delectable and reasonably priced menu.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

If you’re looking for kid-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas, The Earl of Sandwich is a great choice.

You can have a variety of mouthwatering sandwiches, wraps, salads, artisan soups, and other dishes here.

Additionally, it features a bakery where you can buy mouthwatering sweets for your children, like brownies and cookies in various flavors.

Expert Tip

If your kids aren’t in the mood for sandwiches, The Earl of Sandwich also offers pepperoni pizza bread, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and other dishes they can try.

  1. Rollin Smoke Barbeque

Southern specialties are served in the center of Las Vegas at Rollin Smoke Barbeque.

There are several delicious meat options available.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Dine at Rollin Smoke Barbeque in Las Vegas with your family to enjoy a succulent Texan barbecue.

Many other meat-centric delicacies are available at this Mecca for Meat Lovers, including steaks, burgers, smoked meatloaf, cobbler, and more.

Rollin Smoke Barbeque provides various options for your children.

Including cheeseburgers, sliders, hot dogs, chicken fingers, and a tonne more.

Expert Tip

All-you-can-eat options and group packs are available at Rollin Smoke Barbecue.

This is a more practical and economical choice for you to take advantage of while traveling in a big company.

  1. Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House

Seafood heaven, Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House, serves meals created by the renowned chef.

This laid-back eatery is contemporary and sea-themed.

It includes

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Are you seeking the ideal location in Las Vegas to take your loved ones for a private family dinner?

Then Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House comes highly recommended.

You can sample a variety of Louisiana Creole dishes here, including jambalaya, lobster, shrimp cocktails, seafood towers, gumbo, and many others.

This restaurant offers a large assortment of wine and cocktails if you wish to drink them while you eat.

Expert Tip

Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House has valet parking, so you can start your family meal without worrying about where to park.

  1. Cafe Gelato

The Bellagio Hotel & Casino has a delightful cafe and ice cream shop called Cafe Gelato.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Take your kids to Cafe Gelato to cool off the desert heat while enjoying a cup of delectable ice cream or yogurt.

They provide both traditional flavors of gelato, such as strawberry and chocolate, and unusual ones, like tiramisu, dulce de leche, and banana toffee crunch.

While your kids enjoy their ice cream, you can enjoy a sandwich, quiche, salad, panini, and so on.

Expert Tip

After eating your ice cream, see the renowned Bellagio Fountains.

You and your tribe can enjoy the mesmerizing, coordinated fountain performances here.

  1. Texas de Brazil

Town Square Las Vegas has a classy steakhouse called Texas de Brazil.

There is a salad bar and tableside carved all-you-can-eat grilled meat available.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

If you and your teenagers enjoy steak, think about having dinner at Texas de Brazil.

You can consume flame-grilled meats such as lamb, beef, pork, and sausages.

Make your salad at the salad bar with fresh ingredients for protein.

Your family will adore the crème Brulee, key lime pie, and Brazilian cheesecake you serve for dessert.

Serve nice wine and spirits to go along with your meats.

Expert Tip

Texas de Brazil offers deliveries for those who don’t feel like leaving their home or hotel room.

If you give the restaurant a direct call, they will deliver your food quickly and frequently at a discount.

  1. Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen

Roger Ramsay, The original Hell’s Kitchen restaurant is located in Hell’s Kitchen.

It is influenced by the outstanding reality TV program of the same name.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

You and your family will truly experience immersion when you go to Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen.

The décor and foods inspired by its namesake will astound your kids.

Depending on your preferences and mood, a tonne of options is available, like beef wellington, fillet mignon, lobster risotto, salmon, and much more.

You can also sip wine that Gordon Ramsay himself selected.

Expert Tip

Roger Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen is well-known and frequently hosts enormous audiences.

Reserve your seats in advance.

  1. China Poblano

China Poblano would be the offspring of Chinese and Mexican cuisine.

This restaurant expertly combines the food from the two nations to create a memorable family meal.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Not sure if you want Chinese or Mexican food?

At China Poblano, pick both.

You can have Mexican tacos, Chinese noodles, and other delicious selections.

Mango sticky rice, classic siu mai, and braised beef noodle soup are all Chinese favorites.

On the other hand, frijole tacos, guacamole, and churros are among the Mexican specialties.

Expert Tip

Holiday specials and promotions are frequently available at China Poblano.

To find out what they have in store for you, visit their official website before you go.

  1. Bacchanal Buffet

Bacchanal Buffet is contemporary and offers an opulent atmosphere.

It provides its visitors with a phenomenal 500 foods to pick from daily and nine exhibition kitchens.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Bacchanal Buffet is family-friendly and offers your tribe hundreds of food options to keep their appetites well-satiated.

Your children will love exploring the various mouth-watering dishes, like red velvet pancakes, pizzas, crepes, and so much more.

With its endless choices, you will have a great time with your family at this award-winning restaurant.

Expert Tip

You can spend extra money on an expedited pass if you want to skip long lanes so you can fully enjoy your meals.

  1. Gordon Ramsay Burger

One of the best burger establishments in Las Vegas is Gordon Ramsay Burger.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Do you wish to savor traditional burgers, fries, and milkshakes that have been improved?

Go to Gordon Ramsay Burger after that.

Unique, one-of-a-kind juicy burgers are available at Gordon Ramsay Burger, like the blue cheeseburger and the truffle burger.

It also offers various delectable foods, like seafood, nachos, chicken wings, salads, and more.

Expert Tip

Due to its ubiquity, Gordon Ramsay Burger draws a sizable crowd of residents and visitors.

Make a reservation, go earlier in the day, or go during the off-season if you want to avoid the crowds.

  1. Grand Lux Cafe

Grand Lux Cafe is an outstanding restaurant serving food from around the globe.

It also offers a special late-night menu and is open around the clock.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

If you’re looking for kid-friendly eateries in your area, I highly recommend the Grand Lux Cafe.

Your kids will like the variety of family-friendly choices available.

The small cheeseburgers, fried chicken, four-cheese pizza, waffles, and other dishes will be especially beloved.

Expert Tip

The Grand Lux Cafe’s specialty dishes, a custom-made chocolate molten cake, and the world-famous New Orleans beignets should not be missed.

  1. Americana Las Vegas

On the banks of Lake Jacqueline, there is a posh beachfront restaurant called Americana Las Vegas.

It is among the top family restaurants in Las Vegas and boasts a classy ambiance.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Dine at Americana Las Vegas with your partner and kids for an amazing dining experience.

You may catch up at this elegant dining establishment while taking in the views of the glistening azure lake.

Early American cuisine with a hint of European influence is combined in its meals.

At Americana Las Vegas, award-winning chef Stephen Blandino serves delectable cuisine.

Expert Tip

There is a great atmosphere in every restaurant area where you may talk with your loved ones.

However, I suggest dining outside on the patio to take advantage of the greatest views.

  1. Mr. Mamas Breakfast and Lunch

Locals love Mr. Mamas Breakfast And Lunch because it is a relaxed, laid-back spot for breakfast.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Are you looking for the ideal family-friendly restaurant where you can have a delectable breakfast with your loved ones?

Mr. Mama’s Breakfast and Lunch is the best option.

Enjoy the delicious meals that the lovely and helpful staff will serve you.

Offering you freshly prepared meals, Mr. Mamas Breakfast and Lunch aims to make your stay as cozy and private as possible.

Your kids will adore eating their chocolate milk, grilled cheese sandwiches, buttermilk pancakes, and other dishes.

Expert Tip

Mama’s Homemade Biscuits & Sausage Gravy is among the best dishes you may have here.

It has a selection of side dishes and fresh buttermilk biscuits slathered in a unique gravy sauce.

  1. Tom’s Urban

Tom’s Urban is a family-friendly sports bar offering delicious finger food.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Consider dining at Tom’s Urban if you’re traveling to Vegas with your teenagers.

This vibrant and busy restaurant offers numerous delectable and simple-to-eat items, such as nachos, tacos, burgers, salads, fried chicken, cheesecakes, and sandwiches.

If you want to enjoy a refreshing alcoholic beverage, Tom’s Urban has an extensive menu featuring cocktails, beer, and wine.

Expert Tip

You can watch live entertainment for free while you eat if you come on a Friday or Saturday night.

  1. Village Street Eateries

Family-friendly restaurants are in a tiny area called The Village Street Eateries.

There is a tonne of family-friendly choices on the strip.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

One of the top family-friendly eateries in Las Vegas, Nevada, is The Village Street Eateries.

The Village Street Eateries have many options for you and your group, including New York-style pizza, kosher hotdogs, freshly baked pastries, fish & chips, and much more.

Expert Tip

Visit Bliss Dance at The Park after dining at one of the Village Street Eateries.

The 40-foot-tall dancing lady sculpture known as The Bliss Dance is a landmark in Las Vegas.


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