25 Best Math Videos for Kids and Teens

1. Introduction

Mathematics is a critical subject in our everyday lives, and it’s crucial to establish a strong foundation from an early age. By introducing children and teens to engaging and informative math videos, they can develop an interest in the subject and even find it enjoyable. We have compiled a list of the 25 best math videos for kids and teens that can help them understand complex concepts, solve problems, and enhance their analytical skills.

2. Top 25 Math Videos for Kids and Teens

1. Khan Academy: An extensive library of video lessons on various math concepts for kids of all ages.

2. Numberphile: A YouTube channel dedicated to interesting facts, explanations, and puzzles about numbers.

3. TED-Ed: Short animated math lessons designed to spark curiosity and promote a love for learning.

4. Math Antics: Fun math tutorials that simplify topics for easy understanding.

5. PBS Math Club: Engaging video series aimed at middle schoolers covering a wide range of mathematical concepts.

6. MathTV.com: Over 10,000 tutorial videos led by experienced teachers working through different math problems step-by-step.

7. PatrickJMT: Concise instructional videos designed to simplify calculus, algebra, trigonometry, and more.

8. Vihart: Unique doodling-based videos explaining mathematical concepts in an entertaining manner.

9. Mathispower4u: A comprehensive collection of over 7,000 instructional math videos for K-12 students.

10. Yaymath: High-energy interactive lessons taught by an enthusiastic teacher seeking to make mathematics enjoyable for all students.

11. Art of Problem Solving: A series of short videos on challenging math problems aimed at improving problem-solving skills.

12. Professor Leonard – Calculus Lessons: Comprehensive series of calculus lectures from a college professor suitable for advanced high school students.

13. JuliesGardenOfMath: Unconventional videos using visual elements like nature, art, and dance to explain mathematics concepts.

14. Coolmath: Fun animated videos covering topics like geometry, algebra, probability, and more.

15. Mathademics: A YouTube channel with tutorials on various topics in mathematics for elementary through high school students.

16. Mathematicsonline: A collection of entertaining math videos for kids and teens explaining everything from basic arithmetic to calculus.

17. Minute Math: Short videos that offer quick explanations of different math concepts and problems in just a minute.

18. TabletClassMath: In-depth video lessons focusing on algebra, geometry, and other math subjects taught by a professional teacher.

19. Socratica: High-quality educational math videos covering topics like fractions, linear equations, polynomials, and more.

20. Mr.Joyner’s Intuitive Math: Engaging videos teaching practical applications of math in real life scenarios.

21. WowMath.org: Algebra and pre-calculus tutorials explaining math concepts through straightforward examples.

22. Mathfraction.com: Videos made for students seeking simplified explanations of mathematical concepts like numbers, decimals, percents, and more.

23. 3Blue1Brown: Visualizations to make complex topics in linear algebra and calculus more accessible for students.

24. Tarver Academy – Math Tutorials playlist: Offers a playlist of geometry tutorials for beginner to advanced level students.

25. Organic Chemistry Tutor – Math Video Lessons Playlist: Video lessons playlist covering various math subjects for middle school and high school students.

3. Conclusion

This list represents some of the best math videos available to help kids and teens grasp mathematical concepts while keeping them entertained. By incorporating these resources into daily learning routines, we can effectively support children in developing strong mathematical foundations that will benefit them throughout their academic careers and beyond.

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