25 Best Travel Games for Kids and Families

Traveling with your family can be a time of great fun, bonding, and discovery. To pass the time during long journeys or to enhance the overall travel experience, here is a list of the 25 best travel games that both kids and families can enjoy together.

1. License Plate Game: This classic road trip game encourages players to spot as many license plates from different states or countries as they can.

2. I Spy: Simply choose an object nearby and have others guess what it is based on clues you provide.

3. Travel Bingo: Create or buy a travel-themed bingo card and have players mark off items as they see them on the road.

4. 20 Questions: One person thinks of an object, while others take turns asking yes or no questions to deduce what it is.

5. Mad Libs: Create hilarious stories by filling in the blanks with random words. Great for groups!

6. Alphabet Game: Find items beginning with each letter of the alphabet, in order.

7. Storytelling Chain: One person starts a story, and each player adds a line or sentence until a full tale is spun.

8. Name That Tune: Hum or play a few seconds of a song, and have players race to guess the title.

9. Tic Tac Toe: All you need is paper and pen for this classic three-in-a-row game.

10. Would You Rather: Pose two challenging situations/tasks and have others pick which one they would prefer.

11. Hangman: Test everyone’s word skills in this classic guessing game.

12. Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament: Set up brackets and see who reigns supreme in this hand gesture challenge.

13. Speak Out Game: Players attempt to say phrases through a mouthpiece that prevents them from closing their mouths properly – a hilarious struggle!

14. Uno: The beloved card game that’s easy to learn and quick to play.

15. Bananagrams: A fast-paced, word-building game perfect for competing and cooperating.

16. Spot It!: Test your reflexes and observational skills in this colorful card-matching challenge.

17. Travel Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items or landmarks for players to find during the trip.

18. Trivial Pursuit Travel Edition: Answer questions across various categories in this travel-sized, knowledge-testing board game.

19. Pass the Pigs: Roll pig-shaped dice and score points based on their positions – great for quick rounds!

20. Iota: A compact card game where players strategically place cards to create patterns and score points.

21. Magnetic Chess: Enjoy the classic board game without losing any pieces with this magnetic travel version.

22. Llama Drama Travel Card Game: Keep or pass cards featuring cute llamas, hoping to avoid drama cards or end up with the lowest score.

23. Charades and Pictionary: Use classic acting or drawing guessing games tailored to your destination or interests.

24. Family Feud Travel Edition: Play a travel-sized version of the classic TV show, coming up with the most popular answers to survey questions.

25. Zip-It: Race against each other to form words in a crossword-style grid, using lettered dice – all in a compact pouch!

These engaging travel games will not only keep everyone entertained but also create lasting memories that you will cherish long after the trip has ended!

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