25 Educational Anti-Tobacco Activities For Middle School Students

1. Tobacco-Free Pledge: Have students sign a pledge committing to remain tobacco-free.

2. Poster Contest: Challenge students to create an anti-tobacco poster to display in the school or community.

3. Research Project: Encourage students to research the harmful effects of tobacco on their bodies and present findings in a creative way.

4. Debate: Organize a debate on the benefits vs. drawbacks of smoking, encouraging critical thinking about this important issue.

5. Peer-To-Peer Education: Train select students as Tobacco-Free Ambassadors, who will then educate their peers about the dangers of tobacco use.

6. Video Documentary: Create an anti-tobacco video that showcases the harmful effects of smoking and inspires others to be smoke-free.

7. Analyze Tobacco Advertising: Study various forms of advertising to understand how they target youth and promote products.

8. Role Playing: Act out scenarios in which students practice saying “no” when offered cigarettes.

9. Scavenger Hunt: Organize an anti-tobacco scavenger hunt highlighting crucial facts about tobacco use.

10. Create Brochures: Design brochures with anti-tobacco facts for distribution at parent-teacher conferences or community events.

11. Social Media Campaign: Develop a social media campaign to spread knowledge and support for living a tobacco-free lifestyle.

12. Tobacco-Free Sports Day: Coordinate a school-wide event where students commit to being tobacco-free for a day while participating in sports activities.

13. “Take A Stand” Speeches: Present speeches on the reasons why students are committed to remaining tobacco-free.

14. Letter Writing: Have students write letters to local businesses urging them not to sell tobacco products to minors.

15. Tobacco-Related Statistics: Explore the numbers behind tobacco use, including costs and death rates, to understand its impact on society.

16. Tobacco-Free Playlist: Compile a list of songs that encourage living a smoke-free life.

17. History of Tobacco: Examine the history of tobacco, from its discovery to modern legislation and public health concerns.

18. Analyze Smoking Scenes in Movies: Discuss how smoking is portrayed in popular movies and what messages these portrayals send.

19. Interview Smokers and Ex-Smokers: Encourage students to learn about others’ experiences with smoking and quitting, and share their findings with the class.

20. Lung Capacity Experiment: Conduct a simple experiment demonstrating the difference in lung capacity between smokers and non-smokers.

21. Secondhand Smoke PSA: Design public service announcements (PSAs) focusing on the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure.

22. Create an Anti-Tobacco Timeline: Trace the history of anti-tobacco efforts in your country or around the world.

23. Host a Guest Speaker: Invite health professionals, smokers who have quit, or other engaging speakers to talk about their experiences with tobacco use and quitting.

24. Classroom Bulletin Board: Dedicate a bulletin board where students can post anti-tobacco facts, messages of encouragement, and tips for staying smoke-free.

25. Support System Workshop: Provide guidance on building a network of friends, family members, and mentors who can support students in their commitment to remain tobacco-free.

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