25 Elementary Classroom Math Supplies That You Can Count On

What equipment does every math teacher have? Smart tools that make arithmetic ideas more engaging and interactive. The “must-have” items for instructors are these 25 classroom math supplies.

  1. Magnetic Ten-Frame Set

Young pupils will benefit significantly from using this hands-on arithmetic activity set to learn counting, operations, numerical patterns, and more. The trays have colorful magnets to add some color to math, and they are flat and small for simple storage. View additional ten-frame exercises here.

  1. Tub of Numbers Math Tiles

It’s a terrific idea to teach addition, division, multiplication, and other concepts using this tub of number tiles. The one-inch tiles are simple to store and disinfect because they all fit within a plastic storage container!

  1. Write & Wipe Fact Family Boards

With these fact family boards that are “write and wipe,” kids can investigate the relationship between numbers. They will get problem-solving, equation construction, and other advanced algebraic abilities. As they are double-sided, use one side for addition and subtraction, then turn it over for multiplication and division.

  1. LEGO Bricks

These well-liked construction blocks offer excellent teaching aids in your classroom and are particularly effective in introducing several math concepts. For every skill level, check out our 30 favorite LEGO math projects.

  1. Base Ten Blocks

These base ten blocks will help your pupils learn manipulatives, place value, and regrouping. The kit includes a coloring book, a storage box, 100 pieces, 50 rods, ten flats, and a cube. These are simple to keep clean and made of sturdy plastic.

  1. Dice

There are many ways to utilize dice in math, whether you use the more popular dice in dice or sets of two dice, the sum of them, matching rolls, and more. Check out classic dice games for the classroom and dice-in games.

  1. Double-Sided X.Y. Axis Dry Erase Mats

Graphing will be simple and not take up much space with these X.Y. axes dry erase mats. Students can better understand relational and numeracy concepts without leaving a pile of crumpled loose-leaf sheets.

  1. Dry Erase X.Y. Axis Graph Lap Boards

These double-sided graph lap boards are a different option for graph paper! They’re not just for math; pupils may also learn spelling and handwriting on the side with a blank writing surface.

  1. Fraction Tower Activity Set

If you’re looking for math materials for the classroom, a nice fraction tower set is a must-have. This ideal practical project encourages concrete visual learning of fractions, decimals, and percents.

  1. Playing Cards

There are numerous ways to incorporate playing cards into your math education, just as the dice mentioned above. from skip counting to number sequencing, among other things.

  1. Plastic Pattern Blocks

These plastic pattern blocks can help young children develop their form recognition and numeracy skills. After assisting students in understanding geometry and pattern design, place everything back into the handy storage bucket.

  1. A Sea and Build Geometry Set

This “Sea” and Build geometry kit will allow your pupils to “dig into shapes” meaningfully. With the help of this package, which also contains 15 double-sided activity cards, they will quickly learn how to recognize form characteristics and divide squares and circles into equal portions.

  1. Math Posters

Your students will be inspired to discuss their mathematical thinking with these posters. These aid students in explaining their method because so many of them arrive at the answer in various ways.

  1. Standard Function Desktop Calculator

Although you want your kids to be able to solve simple math problems by hand, they should also have access to a standard calculator. A straightforward, eye-catching style will be both enjoyable and beneficial for younger grades.

  1. Mathlink Cubes

These MathLink Cubes have so many applications. Children can practice grouping, comparison, color, form identification, and adding and subtracting—additionally, these cubes aid in developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor abilities.

  1. Dry Erase Spinners

These spinners’ square design makes dividing equally a breeze. Use them to teach probability or for a variety of math games!

  1. Math Manipulative Toolkit

Encourage participation with these concrete, manipulative kits. This kit has an entire storage bin and includes Algeblocks, polyhedral dice, color-number spinners, coordinated pegboards, and color tiles.

  1. Geometric Solids

Being able to feel and examine one can make learning about three-dimensional shapes much more effortless. It’s one thing to try to visualize or even sketch one. They are simple to clean; kids can even fill them with dry (such as sand) or liquid materials.

  1. Cuisenare Rods

Use these Cuisenaire rods to give abstract math ideas a concrete expression. The ten color-coded lengths, which range from 1 to 10 centimeters, are helpful for fractions, measurements, and other things. There are 155 rods in this teacher’s kit. 

  1. Peg Number Boards

The fundamentals first? Students can learn to count by using these wooden peg number boards. Children can also benefit from their assistance in understanding the connection between amounts and numbers.

  1. Counting Bears

Sort, Match, Count, Pair. Your children will have fun learning math, no matter how you use these charming counting bears!

  1. Calendar chart

Your pupils learn math while you share the calendar! With this pocket chart, which has 45 clear compartments for holding headlines and days, you may demonstrate counting, breaking a month into weeks, and more.

  1. 100s Chart

This 100s chart with clear pockets makes it simple to view numbers, skip counting, and odds/evens. You may either fill it yourself to display on the wall or use it as a teaching tool to have students sort numbers.

  1. Teaching Clock

This clock is among our most popular math classroom supplies since teaching about time isn’t always simple. Your children will find it easier to recall and keep where each minute is located, thanks to the division of each quarter into a particular color.

  1. Math Teacher Mug

Without something for YOU, this list of necessary arithmetic supplies for the classroom would be lacking. You may give yourself a little boost daily by drinking from this humorous math teacher mug. You deserve it.

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