25 Exciting Groundhog Day Preschool Activities

Groundhog Day is a beloved American holiday that celebrates the emergence of Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog who tells us whether we can expect an early spring or a lingering winter. To get your preschoolers excited about the holiday, try these 25 exciting Groundhog Day activities:

1. Shadow Play: Place a puppet on an overhead projector and have your preschoolers create their own shadow puppet show.

2. Groundhog Day Craft: Have your preschoolers make their own groundhog puppets out of construction paper, pom poms and googly eyes.

3. Planting Seeds: Give each preschooler some soil and a few seeds and have them plant their own mini-garden.

4. Groundhog Day Snacks: Make some delicious groundhog-themed snacks for your preschoolers. Try making groundhog-shaped cookies or cupcakes.

5. Groundhog Day Parade: Have your preschoolers make their own parade float from a cardboard box and decorate it with groundhog-themed items.

6. Groundhog Day Scavenger Hunt: Hide some items around the classroom and have your preschoolers search for them.

7. Reading Time: Read some of your favorite Groundhog Day stories to your preschoolers.

8. Groundhog Day Groove: Have a Groundhog Day dance party with your preschoolers.

9. Groundhog Day Art: Give your preschoolers some paper, markers and crayons and have them create their own groundhog-themed pictures.

10. Hide and Seek: Hide some groundhog-themed items around the classroom and have the preschoolers find them.

11. Groundhog Day Games: Play some fun games with your preschoolers like “Pin the Tail on the Groundhog” or “Groundhog Hunt.”

12. Groundhog Day Songs: Sing some Groundhog Day-themed songs with your preschoolers.

13. Groundhog Day Poem: Have your preschoolers write a poem about Groundhog Day.

14. Weather Report: Have your preschoolers make their own weather report using a thermometer and precipitation chart.

15. Make a Groundhog: Have your preschoolers make their own groundhog out of clay.

16. Shadow Art: Place a groundhog puppet on a projector and have the preschoolers trace its shadow onto a piece of paper.

17. Build a Groundhog Den: Have your preschoolers use blocks to build a den for Punxsutawney Phil.

18. Groundhog Day Storytelling: Have your preschoolers make up their own Groundhog Day stories.

19. Groundhog Day Relay: Have your preschoolers race to see who can get their puppet to its den first.

20. Groundhog Day Theater: Have your preschoolers put on a play about Groundhog Day.

21. Groundhog Day Picnic: Have a Groundhog Day picnic with your preschoolers and enjoy some groundhog-themed snacks.

22. Groundhog Day Puzzles: Give your preschoolers some groundhog-themed puzzles to put together.

23. Groundhog Day Memory Game: Make some groundhog-themed cards and have your preschoolers match them up.

24. Groundhog Day Charades: Have your preschoolers act out different Groundhog Day-themed activities.

25. Groundhog Day Races: Have your preschoolers race to see who can get their puppet to its den first.

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