25 Free Math Games

Math is a crucial element of education. Every person uses it throughout their lives in one form or another, so children must learn it from a young age. Of course, introducing new math challenges to fourth-graders can be tricky. You want to take their math knowledge up and introduce them to long division, decimals, remainders, and much more. Fractions are another element of fourth-grade math. Fortunately, there are lots of math games to help your students understand math better. 

So, what games should you consider using with your students, and why are math games so important for education?

Top 25 Free Math Games for Fourth-graders

  1. Building Numbers with Decimals
  2. The Remainders Game
  3. Factor Frenzy Headbands 
  4. The Pattern Game to Spot Modes and Mediums
  5. Number Pattern Solver
  6. Value Practice of Bricks
  7. The Factor Game
  8. Roll Place Value Yahtzee
  9. Try a Quotient Tournament
  10. Three in a Row Large Multiplications
  11. Playing Cards Face Values
  12. Learn Fractions with Spoons
  13. Understand Decimals with Number Cards 
  14. Draw Fractions
  15. Connect the Dots 
  16. Dominoes 
  17. Put the Fractions from Smallest to Biggest
  18. Organize the Shortest Student to Tallest 
  19. Round-Up Number Practice
  20. Geometry Bingo
  21. Protractor Practice with Chairs
  22. Create Shapes with Origami
  23. Mirrors for Symmetry 
  24. Measurement Scavenger Hunt
  25. Fractions with Plastic Cups

These are only a few free games to try at school, but there are many more. You can try different games depending on the subject and how easy the class finds it. 

The Need for Math Games

Let’s be honest, children don’t always find school fascinating. When it comes to difficult subjects, such as fractions, decimals, and long division, your students can struggle to take the new information in. While some students will retain the information in the blink of an eye, others will take far longer. Fortunately, simple math games can help children understand what you’re teaching them. 

Why Should Kids Use Word Games for Math?

Students can’t always understand the concept you’re trying to teach them. For example, ½ is bigger than ¼, but for a child, they don’t see how that’s possible. The child looks at the numbers and focuses on the bigger one – ¼ because 4 is bigger than 2. Of course, a quarter is smaller than a half, but getting a child to grasp that piece of information and remember it is quite difficult. That’s why free math games are a necessity for fourth-graders everywhere. 

Games are fun but also educational. You can show your students how fractions are created through a series of simple games. It can make them realize how fractions are created and how to organize them from smallest to biggest and vice versa. Sometimes, children are more adapted to learning through visual concepts, such as games. So, math games can be useful for students of all ages.

A Fun Way to Learn

Young children learn about number concepts, strategies, modes, mediums, and more every day in math class, but for many, the information goes over their heads. You can’t expect every child to grasp fractions and everything else without hitting a few bumps in the road. You can stand up and show lots of diagrams on the front board, but it can be too much information at times. So, math games can give you a simpler way to teach children about math. It’s also fun.

Games make children sit up and take notice because it appears fun. It doesn’t feel like learning and that’s the crucial way to encourage students to learn about math. Plus, it gives you a chance to keep your lessons varied. 

Keep Math Simple for Kids

Children love to learn about subjects they find interesting or easy to understand. Math is not an easy subject, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t give your students an effective way to learn. Free math games are fun but educational and will encourage children to learn too. Games play a crucial role in education because they give children a fun way to learn about math. 

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