25 Fun Christmas Writing Tasks for Students and Teachers


The festive season is the perfect opportunity to engage in some fun and creative writing exercises. Teachers can use these 25 Christmas writing tasks to inspire students, while students can complete them independently or with friends. So, grab a pen and paper or open up a new document on your computer and let the merry musings flow!

1. Write a letter to Santa from the perspective of your pet.

2. Create a modern adaptation of “A Christmas Carol.”

3. Dream up an alternative ending to a classic Christmas movie.

4. Write a poem about the meaning of Christmas.

5. Invent a new holiday tradition that strengthens family bonds.

6. Describe what Christmas would be like in outer space.

7. Compose a 12 Days of Christmas-inspired song listing unique gift ideas.

8. Share your favorite childhood Christmas memory in a short story.

9. Imagine you must save Christmas: What challenges do you face, and how do you overcome them?

10. Write a recipe for an imaginary festive dish and describe how it tastes.

11. Create a comic strip about Santa’s mischievous elves preparing for Christmas Eve.

12. Interview your favorite holiday character (real or fictional) and write an article about their life and experiences.

13. Craft an exciting adventure where you are transported into the world of your favorite holiday-themed book.

14. Describe what it would be like if you swapped places with one of Santa’s reindeer for one day.

15. Outline a fun-filled day at your imaginary “Winter Wonderland” theme park, detailing the various activities and rides available.

16. Write haikus conveying different aspects of the winter season.

17. Invent a magical holiday creature that brings happiness and cheer but also teaches valuable life lessons.

18. Write an acrostic poem using the letters in “CHRISTMAS.”

19. Draft a news report about a heartwarming holiday event in your community.

20. Compose a holiday-themed “Choose Your Own Adventure” story.

21. Invent the story behind a unique Christmas ornament: Who made it and why is it special?

22. Describe the perfect winter day spent with friends and family, make sure to include sights, flavors, and sounds.

23. Write a persuasive letter to convince someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas to embrace the holiday spirit.

24. Share a true or fictional story of how a simple act of kindness during the holidays changed someone’s life profoundly.

25. Write about how you envision Christmas celebrations 50 years in the future.


Christmas provides us with endless inspiration for imaginative writing tasks. These 25 activities enable students and teachers to explore various genres, perspectives, and ideas while embracing the joy of the festive season. Make it a “write” jolly experience by sharing your stories with friends, family, and classmates – who knows, you may even start new traditions in the process!

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