25 Fun Online Activities for Middle School Students

In this digital age, middle school students have plenty of online activities to choose from to have fun and learn simultaneously. With a variety of subjects and skill levels available, these activities can keep students engaged for hours. Here are 25 fun online activities that are both educational and entertaining for middle school students.

1. Duolingo: This popular language-learning app offers lessons in several languages, making it easy for students to learn new vocabulary and grammar.

2. Prodigy Math: A fun, engaging math game that allows students to practice various math skills while battling monsters.

3. Kahoot!: Create quizzes on any topic and challenge classmates or friends to compete in real-time.

4. Freerice: Test your knowledge and improve vocabulary while providing food for the hungry through the World Food Programme.

5. DIY.org: Discover a wide range of projects and challenges that inspire creativity in subjects like art, science, and programming.

6. Edpuzzle: Watch educational videos with built-in quizzes to test comprehension.

7. BrainPOP: Access animated videos on countless topics from science to social studies while taking interactive quizzes afterwards.

8. Scratch: Create your own video games or animations using this easy-to-learn programming tool developed by MIT Media Lab.

9. Quizlet: Study flashcards for various subjects or create your own sets to share with classmates.

10. Powtoon: Develop animated presentations or short videos with this fun and user-friendly platform.

11. Newsela: Enhance reading skills by exploring current events articles tailored to different reading levels.

12. Google Arts & Culture: virtually visit museums around the world and learn about art, history, and various cultures through high-resolution images and guided tours.

13. Storybird: Write short stories or poems using beautiful illustrations as inspiration, then publish them online or order as physical books.

14. Coolmath Games: Solve puzzles and master math concepts through entertaining games for all skill levels.

15. Blockly Games: Learn computer programming basics using visual block coding in a series of engaging games.

16. Learn To Be A Chef: Discover new recipes and learn cooking techniques with fun, step-by-step online instructions.

17. Canva: Design posters, infographics, or other graphics with ease using this free design tool.

18. National Geographic Kids: Explore interesting articles and videos about animals, geography, and more.

19. Starfall: Enhance reading skills through interactive activities targeting different grade levels.

20. Sketchpad: Unleash artistic talents with an online drawing application offering a range of brushes and colors.

21. TED-Ed: Access short, animated lessons covering various topics, from science to literature.

22. Tynker: Enhance coding skills by building games and apps on this platform designed specifically for kids.

23. PBS KIDS: Enjoy educational games and videos featuring beloved characters from popular PBS shows.

24. Exploratorium: Indulge in interactive exhibits from this popular San Francisco science museum that cover topics like geology, biology, and physics.

25. NASA Space Place: Get lost in space with fascinating articles, fun facts, quizzes, and more from NASA’s kid-friendly website.

These 25 online activities not only keep middle school students entertained but also enrich their knowledge and skills in various subject areas, helping them grow into well-rounded individuals while enjoying the process.

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