25 Fun Things to Do in Jackson, MS with Kids: The Best Family-Friendly Attractions

Jackson is a sophisticated and charming family-friendly location with flair and spirit.

The “City With Soul,” renowned for its music, cuisine, and shopping, offers a delightful vacation from the daily grind.

With a vast selection of museums and eateries, Jackson, Mississippi, offers dozens of family-friendly activities.

And to help you organize the ideal family vacation, we have compiled the best Jackson activities and attractions.

  1. Mississippi Agricultural & Forestry Museum

With a wide choice of educational tours available, the MAFM is a delightful Jackson site to visit for children who appreciate history and nature.

The MAFM is a working farm that transports visitors to the early 20th-century cotton boom.

Forestry and agriculture have played essential roles in our state’s history and culture; your family can learn more about them here.

Children above three will enjoy the attraction to their full potential.

  1. Guitar Lesson at the Fondren Guitars

Jackson, the city where the blues was first created, is an ideal location to start a music education for your children.

The Fondren School of Music is the best place in town to learn this six-stringed instrument, thanks to its patient and enthusiastic teachers.

Patrick Harkins, the store’s proprietor and a local musician, can show your youngsters the ropes on the guitar.

Look as he strums a few chords to make those recognizable blues noises.

After the lesson, take some time to look over the store’s extensive collection of classic instruments.

Guitar lessons are great for youngsters who are interested in music and are nine or older.

  1. Jackson Zoo

Among the top things to do in Mississippi with kids is visit the Jackson Zoo, which is home to more than 300 fascinating creatures.

Visit the zoo and check out some incredible African animals like the gazelle, chimpanzee, monkey, colobus, and springbok. The tigers, leopards, and pandas of Asia will also win over the hearts of your children.

Kids will also understand North American natives like the flamingo, wolf, and beaver.

The Jackson Zoo is a beautiful place for children of all ages to enjoy themselves.

  1. Sal & Mookies

Pizza lovers, like our kids, will find heaven at Sal & Mookies.

The 18-inch pizzas are delicious and well worth the wait despite the shop’s packed atmosphere.

Try their Upper West Side and Franklin Street Pizzas if you’re looking for something hearty and delicious.

A dish of ice cream or a Stuffed Oreo sundae is the perfect way to cap a great lunch.

Sal & Mookies will be regarded as one of Jackson’s top attractions by children of all ages.

  1. Magic Show at Char Restaurant

Who says kids can’t have fun at a restaurant?

Your children will have a unique and fascinating dining experience at Char Restaurant, where a local host will perform incredible magic tricks.

Enjoy a three-course feast of robust fare with bold flavors as you watch a magician perform incredible illusions.

After filling up on their contemporary Southern cuisine, you can relax in the plush setting.

The magic show will highlight the vacation for kids of all ages in Jackson.

  1. Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

An enormous aquarium and many other exciting exhibits at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science shed light on the state’s history and culture.

Travel back to meet the prehistoric beasts who ruled the land (now preserved as fossils).

Then, visit the fantastic aquarium containing 100,000 gallons of water! The 73,000 square feet of the science museum are home to many other fascinating artifacts and displays, such as fossils and ducks.

Some of the best activities in Jackson with kids of all ages can be found at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.

  1. Soul Spa

Tired of Jackson’s nonstop tourist attractions?

Consider treating your staff to a day at Soul Spa for much-needed relaxation.

Relax your tense muscles with a couple’s therapeutic massage at the spa.

The customized Soulful facial will leave your skin feeling fresher and looking younger.

There’s a sauna and a computerized shower that even your teenagers will enjoy.

Your 15-and-up-year-olds will be in a state of utter happiness after a day at the spa.

  1. LeFleur’s Bluff State Park

The 305-acre state park is a haven of natural beauty in the middle of Jackson, providing a welcome reprieve from the city.

Get the kids out of the hotel and into the great outdoors at this Mississippi state park.

Fishing and hiking are great ways to show your children the wonders of nature.

The bluff park has a 9-hole golf course, a driving range, and picnic areas.

Weekends at this Mississippi state park are filled with activities for kids of all ages.

  1. Blue Mondays at Hal and Mal’s

Live music and delicious food have made Hal and Mal’s a Jackson staple for decades.

On Mondays, for only $5, you can enjoy a live blues jam session with various skilled performers.

Moreover, while you’re there, look at the retro decor that would look great in your Instagram feed and pairs well with the live blues.

Blue Mondays are great for families. However, we recommend that guests be 18 or older.

  1. Mississippi Children’s Museum

Children of all ages may learn and have fun at the Mississippi Children’s Museum.

The Mississippi Children’s Museum encourages kids to express themselves artistically via various activities and displays.

In addition, it features a thrilling climbing map that will help them better understand the state of Mississippi’s geography, history, and ecology.

Adventurers of all ages are welcome at the Mississippi Children’s Museum.

The Mississippi Children’s Museum has engaging activities and interactive displays to keep kids entertained and educated.

  1. BBQ & Blues at Cathead Distillery

The BBQ & Blues is undoubtedly one of the state’s best and most anticipated yearly events, with its abundance of delicious tacos and barbecues.

Get the whole gang together and head to a food truck for some delicious and filling grub.

Following your lunch, stop by a sampling bar and try some Cathead for yourself.

The live blues music and laid-back atmosphere make it my go-to spot for winding down after a day of sightseeing in Jackson.

This annual event in February is great for kids in the 12 and up age range.

  1. The Mississippi Museum of Art

The Mississippi Art  Museum in Jackson is a great place to take the kids for a culturally enriching and artistically stimulating day trip.

In addition, the museum’s permanent collection features works by numerous artists from different periods and cultures.

Don’t be scared to take your kids to see works by renowned American artists like Robert Henri and Radcliffe Bailey.

Also, don’t miss The Mississippi Story, a remarkable thematic exhibition showcasing Mississippi artists from the state’s earliest native professional artists to its contemporary icons.

Children older than nine will enjoy a visit to the art museum.

  1. Brent’s Soda Fountain

If your kid has a sweet craving, there’s no better place in Jackson to go than Brent’s Soda Fountain.

This eatery’s classic soda fountain and other sweets have satisfied customers’ cravings since 1946.

Besides the food fountain, our favorite items are the delicious Nutella milkshakes and hot fudge Sundaes.

The cafe offers more than just desserts, with traditional American fare, including hot dogs and burgers.

And what do you think?

There’s a fun, retro vibe thanks to the chrome and turquoise furnishings from the ’50s.

Every kid of any age would enjoy a visit to the diner.

  1. Museum of Mississippi History

The museum, located in the heart of Jackson, Mississippi, covers more than ten thousand years of Mississippian history.

The museum’s halls are full of fascinating artifacts, Civil War relics, and hands-on exhibitions that the whole family can enjoy.

The brave Civil War troops and other great people who contributed to the growth of the Magnolia State are also discussed.

It’s recommended that kids be at least nine years old to see this Jackson attraction.

  1. Deep South Pops

Whenever we’re in Jackson, we always end our meals at Deep South Pops, where they have healthy and tasty gourmet popsicles.

In contrast to most Mississippi dessert places, the Deep South frequently uses all-natural products like avocado.

Deep South Pops offers daily rotating tastes, so kids may always try something new.

Those who prefer savory foods to sweets will appreciate that the store also sells craft beer and coffee.

Try some of their ginger and lemon nitro kombuchas. It’s delicious.

Children above the age of three will have a great time at this dessert station, which features a wide variety of delicious delicacies.

  1. Mississippi Sports Museum and Hall of Fame

Do your kid(s) participate in sports?

We guarantee your children will love exploring the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame with you.

After all, the museum features superb exhibits dedicated to some of their most beloved sports figures.

Experience the interactive exhibits that tribute to over 200 sports greats, such as Brett Favre and Jerry Rice.

Also, there is a playground with various exciting activities for the kids to enjoy.

Here, you and the kids have a shot at making the game-winning field goal or getting the game-ending strikeout.

Guests must be 12 years old to enter the Sports Hall of Fame.

  1. Iron Horse Grill

One of the Jackson restaurants we recommend for families is the Iron Horse Grill, known for its tasty dishes, deep history, and relaxing live music.

If you try the Najavo Chicken, the house specialty, you will have a memorable dining experience.

Kids can choose from a variety of kid-friendly menu items like burgers, omelets, waffles, and salads.

A family outing to this eatery is guaranteed to please kids of all ages.

  1. Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

This institution, which opened in 2017, is the only one of its sort in Mississippi.

This wealth of materials was curated with the hope that it would stimulate thought and provide a more compelling knowledge of the civil rights movement through artifacts and visuals.

Discover the seven interactive galleries, including “I Question America,” that tell full experiences from the civil rights era.

Be sure to visit “This Little Light of Mine,” an illuminating display that will leave you thinking about the significance of the movement.

This Jackson landmark is better suited for visitors above the age of 12.

  1. Bully’s Restaurant

Bully’s restaurant owns the recipe for Mississippi’s most OK soul food.

This restaurant has provided the neighborhood with its classic and delicious specialties for over 35 years.

Please don’t conclude your adventure without trying at least one of their tasty barbecues.

Traditional Southern dishes, including fried green tomatoes, mac & cheese, turkey wings, oxtails, and chitterlings, satisfy your family’s appetite.

This award-winning restaurant serves food suitable for diners of all ages.

  1. Medgar Evers House

The home of a civil rights leader, the Medgar Evers House, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Take a guided tour of the childhood home of civil rights leader Medgar Evers with your loved ones to learn more about his life and career.

Visiting this historic site will also introduce you to the experiences of middle-class African Americans in the 1960s.

Children above the age of 12 will find the house to be an enlightening and motivating experience.

  1. Fine & Dandy

One of our favorite Jackson eateries is Find & Dandy, which serves tasty, low-calorie, and nutritious food.

Fun and creative dishes with names like “the Tater Tots We Didn’t Make” and “The Worst BBQ ribs in Town” are sure to please even the most discerning diners.

If you’re in the area, stop and try some of the restaurants’ lighter takes on American standards, like drinks and burgers.

The restaurant is excellent for families because it has delicious, healthy options and a beautiful outdoor garden.

  1. Old Capitol Museum

You should add a trip to the state’s oldest and most historic structure to your itinerary while in Jackson.

National Historic Landmark status was awarded to the Old Capitol Building because of its dedication to preserving and showcasing essential pieces of state and national history.

A nice plus is that access to the museum is free of charge.

Take the kids to the Old Capitol Museum in Sacramento and introduce them to the state’s history through hands-on displays of modern technology.

In addition to learning about the president, congress, and supreme court functions, your children will enjoy exploring the museum’s interactive exhibits.

The structure is also notable for its Greek Revival style.

Kids of all ages will enjoy visiting the museum, especially those nine and older.

  1. The Manship

Undoubtedly, The Manship is among the finest breakfast establishments in Jackson.

It has a cozy, welcoming vibe and provides tasty Southern dishes with a Mediterranean twist.

A duck leg breakfast with fried egg and maple glaze is one of the most ordered dishes.

The restaurant’s mashed hash browns are so tasty and smooth that even your kids will have difficulty saying no to them.

Any diner, whatever age, will enjoy themselves at this establishment.

  1. Russell C. Davis Planetarium,

For the time being, you and your family remain on the lookout for additional kid-friendly activities and attractions in Jackson.

Take your adorable and inquisitive pets to one of the country’s largest planetariums for an interactive look at the cosmos.

Enjoy yourself as you watch these entertaining and informative shows about the planets in our solar system.

Exhibits at the science museum explore the infinity of black holes and other cosmic mysteries.

Children older than three will enjoy the planetarium.

  1. Broad Street Bakery

Broad Street Bakery is among the most incredible places to shop for individuals in the Jackson area who enjoy baked goods.

Most of the recipes for Broad Street’s handcrafted baked goods originate in Europe, and the family-run bakery has been perfecting them for decades.

Cinnamon buns and paninis, among other baked goods, can be found here.

Omelets, pizzas, and burgers are just a few examples of the many options available on their extensive menu, which is suitable for the whole family.

They also have gluten-free baked goods and bread if you’re trying to provide a more nutritious option for your staff.

Kids of all ages love the bakery since there are so many delicious items.

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