25 Great Middle School Newscast Ideas

1. Interview a school administrator – Explore their goals and challenges for the school, as well as the techniques they use to engage students effectively.

2. Student of the Week – Recognize students who excel academically, athletically, or in other areas. Interview them and gather perspectives from their teachers and peers.

3. School events calendar – Provide an overview of interesting school events, including plays, contests, dances, and sports games.

4. Weather forecast – Report the local weather forecast, allowing viewers to prepare for the day ahead.

5. School history – Delve into the history of your middle school by interviewing long-serving staff members or digging through archives to present interesting stories from the past.

6. Fun Friday quiz – Engage students with trivia based on a wide range of topics, like science, geography, books, or popular culture.

7. Spotlight on clubs and activities – Highlight an extracurricular club or activity each week to provide exposure and potentially recruit new members.

8. DIY projects – Share do-it-yourself ideas to inspire creativity among students.

9. Positivity corner – Share uplifting stories on acts of kindness within the school community.

10. Lunchbox recipes – Provide nutritious and tasty lunch box ideas for students.

11. Green initiatives – Raise environmental awareness by showcasing school initiatives such as recycling programs or eco-friendly clubs and activities.

12. Teacher feature – Interview a different teacher each week about their academic background, teaching philosophy, and hobbies outside of school.

13. Science experiments – Demonstrate a safe yet exciting science experiment that piques student curiosity while promoting STEM subjects.

14. Reading recommendations – Suggest age-appropriate books for middle schoolers to expand their horizons in literature.

15. Sports highlights – Share memorable moments from recent interschool sports matches.

16. Art showcase – Display artwork by talented middle school artists and offer tips for creative inspiration and techniques.

17. Career talks – Invite professionals from various fields to speak about their careers, giving students insights into different professions.

18. School safety tips – Educate students on steps they can take to stay safe within the school environment.

19. Study tips – Share techniques and advice for effective studying and time management.

20. Anti-bullying campaign – Highlight the importance of standing up against bullying with interviews and tips on how students can support their peers.

21. Community service projects – Report on volunteer initiatives in which middle school students are participating.

22. Student opinions poll – Gauge student opinions on current issues, popular culture, or school matters by conducting polls and presenting the results.

23. Campus tour – Offer a guided virtual tour of the school campus to new students or those interested in joining the school in the future.

24. Movie reviews – Review age-appropriate movies that middle schoolers may be interested in watching.

25. Languages and cultures corner – Promote cultural understanding by introducing a different language or cultural celebration every week, including facts, customs, or traditional foods.

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