25 #SorryNotSorry Things Teachers Secretly Do but Won’t Admit


Being a teacher is a noble profession, full of challenges and rewards. But let’s face it: teachers are also human, and nobody is perfect. So, without further ado, here are 25 #SorryNotSorry things teachers secretly do but won’t admit.

1. Pretending not to see misbehaving students for a few seconds in order to have a moment of peace.

2. Rolling their eyes at the umpteenth ridiculous excuse for missing homework.

3. Sneaking a snack during class when no one is looking.

4. Enjoying their “teacher voice” a little too much sometimes.

5. Daydreaming about winning the lottery and quitting teaching.

6. Occasionally snapping at students simply because they’re having a bad day.

7. Fudging due dates to give themselves more time to grade assignments.

8. Secretly craving snow days just as much as students do.

9. Judging parents during parent-teacher conferences (only sometimes).

10. Keeping student doodles from their papers as “cute mementos” or to have a good laugh.

11. Indulging in some classroom-management-revenge by assigning extra work to rowdy classes.

12. Resisting the urge to give sarcastic answers to obvious questions or queries with easily-found answers.

13. Feeling secretly relieved when that one always-late student actually shows up on time once in a while.

14. Rushing through grading assignments because they can’t face checking 30 more essays about “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

15. Forgiving students who make them laugh—even if their behavior isn’t always ideal.

16. Planning lessons around favorite TV shows or movies, just for fun.

17. Asking students leading questions during class discussions to gently correct misconceptions.

18. Making jokes in class that may be slightly inappropriate.

19. Actively avoiding meetings or social events with certain colleagues.

20. Rewatching favorite YouTube videos during planning or lunch breaks.

21. Exaggerating how much time a task will take to encourage students to work faster.

22. Lowkey competing with other teachers for the best bulletin board designs.

23. Hiding from their students at the grocery store (or any public place) to avoid awkward conversations.

24. Hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock a few too many times in the morning, and then speeding through their morning routine to avoid tardiness.

25. Relying on caffeinated beverages like coffee or energy drinks far more than they’d like to admit.


While these #SorryNotSorry confessions might cause a tiny bit of trouble if brought to light, they also remind us of the humanity of our beloved educators. Teachers, just like anyone else, need moments of humor, relaxation, and even occasional acts of rebellion in order to keep going. So, let’s cut them some slack and appreciate all that they do for us every day!

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