25 Teacher-Approved Fifth Grade Workbooks

We are aware that it may occasionally be challenging to convince youngsters to concentrate on new ideas, but with the correct tools, learning can be enjoyable. This short collection of fifth-grade workbooks for in-person instruction, online learning, or homeschooling has been compiled by teachers. You may share these learning aids with your kids with confidence because they are excellent and connect with the curriculum. They also cover every subject!

Best Math Fifth Grade Workbooks

5th Grade Common Core Math

This fifth-grade Common Core math workbook includes daily multiple-choice activities for 20 weeks. Topics include fractions, place value, volume, converting units, and more. Also, the resource includes weekly assessments and an end-of-year exam. 

Spectrum Math Workbook 5th Grade

This interesting fifth-grade workbook includes a lot of topics! Spectrum Grade 5 Math Workbook is a great way for your kids to learn basic math skills. It teaches geometry, algebra prep, fractions, and math skill through different fun activities. 

Introducing MATH! Grade 5

Introducing Math! is a workbook ideal for providing a detailed overview of fifth-grade Maths. It allows your kids to have an amazing experience in learning. They learn in new, fun ways. Throughout this book, your kid will be able to evaluate the numerical expression, analyze patterns and relationships, add fractions, divide with fractions, and so much more. 

180 Days of Math: Grade 5 

This book is a great one for those who want simple yet powerful information about math. It assists students in the process of comprehending using engaging practices and activities. , it focuses on addition, probability, data anaMoreoverlysis, and subtraction.

Math Made Easy: Fifth Grade Workbook

With a focus on the subtraction and addition of decimals and fractions, this fifth-grade workbook offers practice on all the important concepts. Additionally, it offers a useful refresher of arithmetic themes, abilities, and ideas from the fifth grade.

Best Reading Fifth Grade Workbooks

5th Grade Common Core ELA (English Language Arts)

This fifth-grade worksheet, which is Common Core-aligned, is a thorough resource to assist kids in becoming familiar and at ease with the state English test and requirements. The workbook has more than 300 ELA problems, video explanations of more than 500 minutes, 20 weeks of daily practice, and weekly exams.

Evan-Moor Daily Fundamentals, Grade 5

This fifth-grade cross-curricular workbook gives pupils daily practice. While completing exercises from several topics, including language and arithmetic, they will acquire excellent reading abilities that complement the core curriculum.

Reading Comprehension, Grade 5

Spectrum – Reading Workbook – 5th Grade

This workbook for fifth graders offers targeted reading comprehension practice. It comprises word recognition, letters and sounds, important concepts and details, the primary idea, the story’s structure, the theme, and summarizing. Each session starts with an illustrated tale, then has a comprehension exercise. A full answer key is also provided.

180 Days of Reading: Grade 5

This workbook focuses on a variety of standards-based reading abilities, such as identifying key concepts and themes, using word analysis techniques, drawing logical conclusions, and more. Utilize the diagnostic tools provided to evaluate progress and determine areas in need of enrichment and intervention. 

Best Writing Workbooks Fifth Grade Workbooks

Spectrum – Writing Workbook – 5th Grade

As they write autobiographies, paragraphs, comparisons, fictional stories, visual aids, research reports, how-to instructions, persuasive pieces, and other types of writing, fifth graders are guided through every stage of the writing process by this workbook. The Writer’s Handbook provides a full answer key and is useful for reinforcing language and grammatical abilities.

Scholastic Success with Writing, Grade 5

This tool aids children as they grasp grade-appropriate writing skills and is aligned with state requirements. Adding details, creating paragraphs, arranging information, plotting a tale, and other topics are covered.

180 Days of Writing for Fifth Grade

Fifth-grade students may practice writing informative/explanatory, opinions and narrative essays with the help of this simple resource. Additionally, it improves their language and grammatical abilities. Daily practice sheets make it simple to plan and carry out tasks as part of the morning routine in the classroom, at the beginning of writing lessons.

Getting to the Core of Writing: Essential Lessons for Every Fifth Grade Student

Use these fun and creative writing exercises to encourage kids in fifth grade to grow as writers. This workbook helps students become college and job ready. It also includes comprehensive instructions on how to set up and run a daily Writer’s Workshop.

Scholastic Success With Grammar, Grade 5

This fifth-grade workbook provides students with the specific, skill-building exercise they require while being aligned to state requirements. More than 40 practice sheets that are ready to print are included in each workbook. Simple instructions and enjoyable tasks promote individual learning.

Best Science & Social Studies Fifth Grade Workbooks

Spectrum Science for 5th Grade 

Spectrum® Science for grade 5 is a very significant book for young learners. It allows them to explore the marvelous universe. By providing interesting facts and information about galaxies, identical twins, subatomic particles, and the first airplane, this book succeeds in capturing the kids’ attention. And we all know that it is hard to do so, especially at this age. It also provides engaging activities and practices.  

Daily Science, Grade 5 

This book helps in the process of understanding scientific vocabulary and concepts. Your kids will be able to learn so much information about our mysterious universe. Instead of just stating facts, Daily Science, Grade 5 conveys these scientific facts through 150 engaging activities. These activities include biology, life science, chemistry, earth science, and much more! 

Skill Sharpeners Science Grade 5  

Facilitate the process of learning for your child with this amazing book. A simple choice of words makes it easier for the children to understand. This is exactly what this book does! It also uses fun experiments with simple materials that can be found in every home. Each lesson focuses on one science concept such as organisms and ecosystems, earth’s systems, space systems, and much more.  

Spectrum – Geography: United States of America Workbook – 5th Grade 

Need a trusted workbook for your kids? Well, search no more. In this workbook, you’ll find everything you need for your children. Spectrum Geography, Grade 5 is a well-rated, informative and detailed book, loved by teachers, parents, and kids. It focuses on five geographic topics: place, location, region, and movement. The information is conveyed in a simple yet strong way. 

180 Days of Social Studies Grade 5 

This book offers so much information and practice to young learners. Throughout the school year, 180 Days of Social Studies Grade 5 keeps the children engaged and focused. It contains a variety of activities and practices. Each week covers a certain topic of the social studies disciplines which are geography, history, economics, and civics. Not only does this book aids young learners, but also assists teacher and facilitates conveying the information to children.

Best Overall Fifth Grade Workbooks for Summer

Kids Summer Academy by ArgoPrep – Grades 5-6 

Kids Summer Academy has got a curriculum designed for 12 weeks to keep the children excited about learning. Kids tend to forget everything they learned during the summer break. Well, this won’t happen anymore. Topics of the activities include reading, science, math, logic, puzzles, fitness, and yoga. An explanation video is accessible on their website.

Summer Bridge Activities – Grades 5 – 6  

This fifth-grade workbook focuses on a variety of subjects. It includes reading, writing, math, science, social studies character building, and fitness g. It also includes different fun and engaging activities for kids. It educates and entertains at the same time. 

Summer Brain Quest: Between Grades 5 & 6 

Summer Brain Quest is a combination of fun activities throughout the book. It receives lots of love and praise from the kids, parents, and kids. In this book, there is a map helping your kids to track their progress. They can learn lots and lots of new information about grammar writing essays, fractions and decimals, ancient history, climate, and much more through the activities. Each time you complete an activity you get a sticker to put on the map and track your progress. 

Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 5

This workbook is designed to be as appealing and engaging to kids as possible. It educates them in a new, fun way. Although learning can be hard in the early stages of our lives, this workbook made it easier not only for kids but also for their parents. The pages are colorful, amusing, and full of engaging games and activities. Your children will be able to learn vocabulary, spelling, language arts, math, division, and multiplication. All of this is in one book. 

Evan-Moor Daily Summer Activities, Grade 5-6 

Daily Summer Activities is a great book for kids. It helps them to develop their skills in writing, reading, spelling, and geography throughout the summer. It is a combination of fun activities and information that aids the children and assists them to move smoothly from one grade to another.

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