25 Teacher-Approved First Grade Workbooks

What’s the trick to choosing the best workbook for first grade? Children adore materials that are vibrant, interesting, and offer practical pictures. We’ve compiled a list of top first-grade workbooks with all these components and positive teacher evaluations.

Best Math First Grade Workbooks

Spectrum Math Workbook 1st Grade

This 160-page workbook with six chapters teaches fact families, addition, and subtraction up to 100. Additionally, students will practice place value, comparing numbers, collecting dimensions, and creating 2-D and 3-D designs.

Star Wars Workbook: 1st Grade Math

This workbook emphasizes important arithmetic topics like simple calculations, skip counting, counting by ones and two-dimensional objects, and more while adhering to Common Core standards.

1st Grade Jumbo Math Success Workbook

With this fantastic workbook, which has 320 pages of children-friendly and educator-reviewed exercises, you get three volumes in just one.

Big Book of Math Practice Problems Addition and Subtraction

Numerous arithmetic exercises with more than 4000 issues are included in this workbook, including facts for calculation, adding three double-digit numbers in stacks, and double-digit and triple-digit addition and subtraction.

Math, First Grade: Learn and Explore

This workbook includes a variety of arithmetic lessons covered in a first-grade school, such as addition and subtraction up to 20, symmetry, patterns, giving change, bar charts, and more.

Best Reading First Grade Workbooks

Star Wars Workbook: 1st Grade Reading

This workbook harnesses the Force to introduce Star Wars to the class while adhering to the Common Core State Standards. The “A is for Anakin” phonics method and many other examples like that will be a hit with kids!

180 Days of Reading: Grade 1

These short diagnostic-based exercises include digital versions of the daily practice tasks, data-driven assessment advice, and a Digital Resource CD with assessment analyses. 

Scholastic Success with Reading Comprehension, Grades 1

Children will benefit from the structured learning activity in this first-grade grade workbook, which is standards-based. The best thing is that 40 reproducible exercise sheets are in the workbook. 

Spelling and Writing for Beginners, Grade 1

On all 64 pages of this workbook, you have maturity-appropriate exercises, games, and puzzles. Activities like crossword puzzles, word scrambles, word searches, etc., are there too. 

My Sight Words Workbook

With the help of the exercises in this workbook, first-graders may discover the best 101 sight words and improve their reading understanding and fluency.

Best Handwriting & Writing First Grade Workbooks

Handwriting: Word Practice

This workbook offers youngsters word-writing exercises, puzzles, and activities together with online video lessons to help them develop their handwriting and vocabulary.

Handwriting Without Tears: My Printing Book

When learning to write on different types of lines, these courses teach you to use lowercase letters properly in words and phrases. The associated exercise pages incorporate language arts courses and penmanship lessons.

The Print Handwriting Workbook for Kids

With thorough alphabet instructions and colorful pages, this first-grade workbook is full of excellent tasks that will aid children in the second grade. With the help of this workbook, children may outline and then copy the upper and lowercase alphabets, simple words, and complete sentences.

Star Wars Workbook: 1st Grade Writing Skills

In a galaxy far, far away, someone is learning to write, and so can you, with this workbook. You can learn about verbs, nouns, and other language elements with many games and exercises. 

Kumon: Grade 1 Writing

This workbook gives youngsters an exciting introduction to first-grade writing and vocabulary!

Best Science & Social Studies First Grade Workbooks

Science, First Grade: Learn and Explore

This scientific workbook is ideal for first-graders and includes lessons that follow the curriculum on subjects like day and night, animal dwellings, different types of soil, and more.

180 Days of Science: Grade 1

Activities created to aid students in comprehending scientific methods and practices, analyzing and evaluating scientific data, and more will encourage them to develop their elevated thinking abilities.

Human Body Activity Book for Kids

Kids may learn a lot about the human body, from head to toe.

Geography, First Grade: Learn and Explore

This workbook for first graders includes curriculum-aligned activities on subjects like the continents, the U.S. states, capitals, large cities, neighborhood mapping, and much more.

Best Overall for Summer Workbooks for First Grade

My First Grade Workbook

This first-grade workbook is jam-packed with entertaining activities and games that teach youngsters while they play, from dictionary lookups and crossword puzzles to color-by-sum and hidden code puzzles.

First Grade Big Fun Workbook

Every page of this workbook offers a different entertaining chance to gain self-assurance and improve abilities. Memorizing the alphabet, reading, writing, counting, science, addition, subtraction, and much more will all develop in the kids!

First Grade Big Workbook

Children will enjoy honing their English and math abilities as they participate in grammar, spelling, space, measuring, and time exercises. All of this and many other topics are in the workbook.

Summer Brain Quest: Between Grades 1 & 2

Who says summer is not for learning? This workbook includes exercises in reading, writing, arithmetic, subtraction, geography, watching the clock, earth science, building communities, and other subjects.

The Big Book of Reading Comprehension Activities, Grade 1

You have 120 exercises in this fantastic workbook for first grade, featuring enjoyable tales, coloring sheets, crossword puzzles, and more. The ability to progress from basic to less basic levels is good for developing comprehension skills.

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