25 Teacher-Approved Fourth Grade Workbooks

The correct workbooks may support classroom instruction and aid in the retention of knowledge by students. However, with this many choices available, it might be challenging to select the finest one. Well, we did it instead of you. Teachers recommended this workbook for the fourth grade. Also, you’ll discover fun, curriculum-aligned activities for particular topic areas and o stop the summer learning deficit.

Best Math Fourth Grade Workbooks

4th Grade Common Core Math

Weekly lessons and daily practice with multiple choice questions for 20 weeks! This workbook aids fourth-grade students in learning arithmetic fundamentals by adhering to a state-aligned Common Core curriculum. In the workbook is included an evaluation from the previous year.

Spectrum – Math Workbook – 4th Grade

This fascinating workbook for fourth graders includes almost all areas  -division and multiplication, decimals and fractions, categorization of geometric figures, measurement conversions, and algebra preparation.

Introducing MATH! Grade 4

Give kids a thorough rundown of maths in Grade 4. It includes instructional subject summaries, practice questions, and explanations for the answers. Also, it offers free digital access to instructional videos.

CommonCore Math Workbook Grade 4

This fourth-grade worksheet is based on Common Core state requirements and is comparable to a standardized arithmetic exam. It includes many kinds of questions, such as correct or incorrect, fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, match-the-correct answers, and unrestricted responses.

Star Wars Workbook: 4th Grade Math

Yoda is wise, but so can you be. Kids will love solving riddles as they play with the Jedi, demonstrate the Darth Wader in which decimals are higher, multiply fractions to determine how many coins princess Leia has, and more.

Best Reading Fourth Grade Workbooks

Reading Comprehension, Grade 4

Based on national standards for the fourth grade, this workbook in vibrant colors has good sections and tasks. The outcome? You can ensure that your kids are proficient in reading skills.

Scholastic Success With Reading Tests, Grade 4

This technical standards book provides children with the focused exercise they need to become successful readers. More than 40 practice sheets that are ready to print are in each workbook. Additionally, simple-to-follow instructions and enjoyable tasks encourage pupils to work independently.

Spectrum – Reading Workbook – 4th Grade

The exercise of reading comprehension is the main topic of this worksheet for fourth grade. It contains a letter and sound identification, word identification, a central theme, the incorporation of information and concepts, a basic idea, the framework of the tale, a summary, main ideas, and specifics.

Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension, Grade 4

The state criteria for children in the fourth grade cooperate with this reading comprehension workbook. Recognizing major concepts, organizing information, drawing conclusions, forecasting results, and more are covered.

180 Days of Reading: Grade 4

By participating in such fast diagnostic-based tasks, kids will get frequent practice. There are excerpts from fiction and non-fiction as well as statistics evaluation advice. Additionally, locate a CD containing digital versions of the daily practice tasks and evaluation analyses.

Best Writing Fourth Grade Workbooks

Spectrum – Writing Workbook – 4th Grade

Kids should be encouraged throughout each stage of the process of writing. They will work on writing paragraphs, fictional works, personal stories, how-to guides, comparative descriptions, research reports, argumentative letters, and more.

Scholastic Success with Writing, Grade 4

In this workbook, you have over 40 practice pages prepared for learning, aligned with national standards. They also provide simple instructions and entertaining activities that encourage a child to work on their own.

Grade 4 Writing (Kumon Writing Workbooks)

This workbook intends to expose children to vocabulary and writing techniques from the fourth grade. One approach at a time is introduced to children to help them understand writing principles and develop self-motivation as scholars.

180 Days of Writing for Fourth Grade

Children in the fourth grade can learn to write storytelling, informative/explanatory, and viewpoint essays. Additionally, they improve their vocabulary and grammatical abilities. Every two-week course is focused on a topic of great interest and connected to one writing standard.

Star Wars Workbook: 4th Grade Reading and Writing

This workbook for fourth graders with a Star Wars theme will take the youngsters on a learning journey.  Students will enjoy highlighting the prepositional phrases in Luke Skywalker’s quotes from the Star Wars films, editing the grammar in a section about R2D2 and Mandalorian creating a novel set. 

Best Science & Social Studies Fourth Grade Workbooks

Spectrum Science for 4th Grade

This workbook for fourth graders offers targeted exercises to promote scientific literacy. Learn more about the conservation of matter, forms of energy, and plants and animals. You also have a set of answer keys to assess the skill.

Daily Science, Grade 4

Learners will investigate Earth, physical, and biological science themes using the scientific method through practical exercises, vocabulary drills, and MCQs. Five daily lessons, including “Is it safe to eat moldy food?” are spilled weekly. 

180 Days of Science: Grade 4

This resource is in line with the state and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). It inspires learners to examine and assess scientific information and situations, deepen their knowledge of sciences and engineering, respond to constructed-response questions, and set better thinking abilities.

DK Workbooks: Geography, Fourth Grade

With the help of this fourth-grade worksheet, students may deepen their grasp of geography while also meeting Common Core criteria. Additionally, it has tasks on subjects including a thorough examination of each continent, its physical characteristics, and many kinds of maps, with particular emphasis on distinct maps of the U.S.

Core Skills Social Studies: Workbook Grade 4

Engage pupils with chapters condensed to make it easier for them to grasp the globe. Participatory courses promote the active reading of the material and practice with maps, graphs, and pictures.

Best Overall Fourth Grade Workbooks for Summer

Kids Summer Academy by ArgoPrep – Grades 4-5

These worksheets for the fourth grade are intended to preserve children’s interests and avoid vacation learning loss. Children will get the opportunity to evaluate and put their writing, math, science, and other skills to the test.

Summer Bridge Activities – Grades 4 – 5

This workbook concentrates on all areas and assists in avoiding summer slips in just 15 minutes a day! Writing, reading, writing, science, humanities, exercise, and character development. Additionally, it comes with extra stickers and flashcards.

Summer Brain Quest: Between Grades 4 & 5

With this engaging, customized challenge, you can support learning throughout the summer. Children will start with a road map leading them through a workbook filled with fun exercises. The workbook has engaging visuals, and topics like research, writing, reading comprehension, arithmetic, decimals, American history, earth systems, and more are covered.

Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 4

These worksheets for the fourth grade provide a quick, fun recap and reinforcement of what students learned in class. The workbook includes hands-on exercises and activities for language arts, division, geometry, multiplication, charts, timelines, and more on every page.

Smart Practice Workbook: Fourth Grade

With this worksheet for fourth grade, keep practicing. More than 300 exercise papers for vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar, and math are available. It also has flashcards in the product for further skills training.

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