25 Unexpected but Totally Genius Items to Add to Your School Supplies List

Every year, students and parents begin to prepare for the upcoming school year by purchasing necessary supplies. However, there are some items that you might not have even thought about adding to your list, which can make all the difference. Here are 25 unexpected but totally genius items that will make you wonder how you ever survived without them:

1. Collapsible water bottle – Stay hydrated in an eco-friendly way without taking too much space in your bag.

2. Retractable highlighters – Never worry about losing the cap again.

3. Reusable snack bags – Say goodbye to disposable bags and reduce waste while enjoying your favorite snacks.

4. Dry erase sticky notes – Make reusable to-do lists on your desk or locker.

5. Hand sanitizer pen – Stay germ-free at all times, especially during cold season.

6. Noise-cancelling headphones – Perfect for studying in noisy environments.

7. Cord organizer – Keep your chargers and earphones untangled in one convenient spot.

8. Mini stapler – Don’t depend solely on library staplers; have your own handy tool on standby.

9. Washi tape – Add a fun touch to your notebooks, organizers, and planners with colorful patterns and designs.

10. Solar calculator – No need for batteries! This eco-friendly option harnesses the power of the sun for math class success!

11. Desk caddy organizer – Keep pens, pencils, scissors, and other essentials neat and easy to access on your desk or locker shelf.

12. Portable phone charger – Never let a low battery distract you from important assignments or emergency situations.

13. USB flash drive bracelet – Always have a storage device readily available by wearing it as an accessory.

14. Page markers – Make navigating textbooks and notes simple with handy removable tabs.

15.DOMS zoom ultimate dark pencils – Experience the luxury of smooth writing while taking notes or working on assignments.

16. Magazine file holder – Organize notebooks, textbooks, and papers by subject to easily grab what you need each day.

17. Laptop stand – Improve posture and comfort during long study sessions with a portable laptop riser.

18. Foldable reading light – Enjoy a personal source of illumination when working late without bothering roommates.

19. Jumbo-sized glue sticks – Finish projects faster with more adhesive power in one swipe.

20. Mini planner keychain – Keep track of important dates and assignments at arm’s reach.

21. Therapy dough – Release stress and focus better by kneading calming aromas infused in adult play dough.

22. Permanent ink eraser pen – Easily correct mistakes on important documents or artwork without ruining the piece.

23. Iron-on sheets for creating personalized items like bags, clothing or accessories

24. Compact travel sewing kit – Make emergency clothing repairs on the go with your personal toolkit.

25.Invisible pen with UV light cap – Protect sensitive information like passwords, or write hidden messages to yourself or friends.

In conclusion, these unexpected but absolute game-changing items will make your school year much more efficient, organized, and enjoyable. Add them to your must-have list and experience a new level of preparedness!

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