25 Ways to Make Potty Training Fun

Potty training can be a stressful and overwhelming process for both parents and children. However, it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. Here are 25 fun and creative ways to make potty training an enjoyable process for both of you.

1. Read potty training books together. Reading is a great way to get your child excited about potty training. Try finding books with characters your child can relate to and stories they will enjoy.

2. Make a potty chart. Hang a chart on the wall and give your child a sticker or special treat every time they use the potty.

3. Sing potty training songs. Make up songs about using the potty or search online for potty training songs to sing together.

4. Let your child pick out a potty seat. Let your child pick out a potty seat they like and allow them to decorate it.

5. Turn potty time into a game. Give your child a timer and challenge them to see how quickly they can go potty.

6. Have a potty dance party. Play fun and upbeat music and dance together in the bathroom.

7. Play potty time bingo. Make a bingo board of different items related to potty time and let your child mark off the squares as they do each activity.

8. Have a potty celebration. Celebrate every time your child has a successful potty time by throwing a mini party with decorations and treats.

9. Role play with dolls. Use dolls to show your child how to use the potty and practice “potty time” with them.

10. Make a potty time story. Make up a story about potty time and let your child draw pictures to illustrate it.

11. Use rewards. Offer rewards such as stickers or small toys for going potty.

12. Have a potty-training scavenger hunt. Make a list of potty related items such as toilet paper, a potty seat, and a step stool. Have your child search around the house for the items then check them off the list.

13. Create a potty time ritual. Have a special routine for potty time such as a special song or reading a book.

14. Have a potty time race. Let your child compete against a stuffed animal or doll to see who can go potty first.

15. Have a potty time treasure hunt. Hide small treats or toys around the bathroom and have your child search for them.

16. Do a potty time puzzle. Create a simple puzzle using potty related pieces and let your child solve it.

17. Buy a potty training book. There are many books on the market specifically designed for potty training.

18. Use puzzles and games. Play simple games such as matching or counting with your child while they are on the potty.

19. Have a potty time parade. Have your child dress up in a silly costume and parade around the house after a successful potty time.

20. Buy a potty timer. Let your child set a timer for a few minutes and challenge them to go potty before the timer goes off.

21. Give potty time praise. Give your child lots of positive reinforcement for going potty and remind them how proud you are.

22. Make potty time art. Have your child draw or paint a picture to hang up in the bathroom.

23. Create a potty time sticker chart. Hang a chart on the wall and let your child put a sticker on it each time they go potty.

24. Give potty time gifts. Give your child a small gift such as a book or toy every time they go potty.

25. Make potty time fun. Let your child pick out a washcloth, special soap, or fun cup they can use while they go potty.

Potty training can be a fun and rewarding experience for both parents and children when approached in a creative way. With these tips, you can make potty training an exciting process for everyone involved.

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