26 Signs You’re a Teacher on Summer Break

1. You wake up confused, wondering why your alarm didn’t go off.

2. Your morning routine no longer involves grabbing a coffee and running out the door.

3. The phrase “pajama day” takes on an entirely new meaning.

4. You have time to drink your coffee while it’s still hot.

5. You suddenly remember what it’s like to take a lunch break longer than 20 minutes.

6. Going to the bathroom without checking the time becomes a luxury.

7. There’s no need to carry around a giant bag filled with papers to grade and lesson plans.

8. Your weekends are now filled with actual rest and relaxation instead of grading papers and planning lessons.

9. You can read books for pleasure rather than educational purposes.

10. Catching up on TV shows or movies doesn’t need to be squeezed into late evenings or weekends.

11. Your friends no longer avoid asking you about work because they know you’re not stressed out about it.

12. You have more time and energy for hobbies, such as gardening, cooking, or working out.

13. Running errands or attending appointments during the day no longer requires asking for time off.

14. Without even realizing it, your teacher voice has subsided into a normal speaking tone.

15. Your Pinterest boards are filled with fun summer activities rather than classroom resources or bulletin board ideas.

16. Taking trips or vacations isn’t restricted to weekends or holidays—you can travel whenever you want!

17. Staying up late scrolling through social media isn’t accompanied by guilt over not grading papers or prepping assignments for the following day.

18. Your hands finally get a break from constantly clutching whiteboard markers and pens.

19. When chaos erupts during family gatherings, you calmly assure everyone that you’ve seen worse in the classroom and know how to handle it.

20. You eagerly make plans with friends and family, knowing you have the time and energy to enjoy yourself.

21. When shopping for yourself, you no longer gravitate towards buying things for your classroom.

22. Resources found online or in stores aren’t automatically scanned to see if they would be useful for class next year.

23. The excitement of back-to-school sales and newly-released teacher planners doesn’t phase you—yet.

24. Your step count decreases as you’re no longer pacing the halls or standing for hours in front of a classroom.

25. You attend social events without fear of running into one of your student’s parents or seeing the side-eye from them when enjoying a beverage.

26. You relish in the freedom of enjoying summer break while simultaneously counting down the days until the new school year, ready to reunite with your students and create more memories.

If any of these signs resonate with you, then congratulations—you’re undoubtedly a teacher on summer break! Enjoy this well-deserved downtime, recharge your batteries, and cherish the unique opportunity you have to reset and revive yourself for the upcoming school year.

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