27 Creative Preschool Telling Time Activities

Learning to tell time is an important skill for preschoolers to learn. It helps them become more independent and organized, and it also helps them understand the passing of time better. Fortunately, there are many creative ways to help your preschooler learn to tell time. Here are 27 ideas to help spark your creativity.

1. Create a homemade clock. Give your preschooler a paper plate, cut a small slit in the middle of the plate, and insert a paper hand with a marker to serve as the clock’s hour and minute hands. Have your child practice setting the clock to different times.

2. Paint with clocks. Create a clock-shaped canvas for your preschooler to paint. Then have them practice setting the time before painting it.

3. Play the “What time is it?” game. Take turns asking each other what time it is, then have your child answer the question.

4. Make an edible clock. Use a round cake or pizza and cut the slices into 12 equal parts. Label each one with the numbers of the clock, and have your preschooler move the pieces around to create different times.

5. Read stories about telling time. Stories help children learn more about a concept in a fun and engaging way. Try reading stories about clocks and telling time.

6. Use a timer. Have your preschooler set a timer for a certain amount of time, and then have them tell you what time it will be when the timer goes off.

7. Play a board game. Try a game like “Telling Time Bingo” where your child has to find the time that matches the clock on the board.

8. Create a time line. Use markers and paper to draw a timeline of the day, and have your preschooler practice setting the clock to each hour on the timeline.

9. Design a clock. Give your preschooler a blank piece of paper and have them draw a clock. Then have them practice setting the time.

10. Play the “Time Match” game. Write down times on index cards, and have your preschooler match them to the correct clock.

11. Use a song. Teach your preschooler a song that helps them learn to tell time, such as “The Grand Old Duke of York.”

12. Play a scavenger hunt. Create a list of items that can only be found at specific times. Have your child check the clock and then look for the items.

13. Make digital clocks. Print out digital clocks, and have your preschooler practice setting the time before coloring it in.

14. Play “Which Time Is It?” Give your preschooler a few clocks and have them guess which time each clock is set to.

15. Play with a stopwatch. Hand your preschooler a stopwatch and have them practice pressing the start and stop buttons at different times.

16. Make a time chart. Use a chart to show different times of day and then give your preschooler clocks to match the times.

17. Create a clock wall. Hang clocks of different shapes and sizes on the wall and have your preschooler practice setting the clocks to different times.

18. Use a timer app. Have your preschooler use a timer app on a tablet or smartphone to practice setting and reading the time.

19. Play “Guess the Time.” Hide a clock in a room and have your preschooler guess what time it is.

20. Make a time capsule. Have your preschooler write down what time it is and then put the paper in a time capsule. Come back to it in a few days and have your child guess what time it is.

21. Play “Hide and Seek.” Hide a clock in the house and have your preschooler search for it.

22. Play “Simon Says.” Change the game to “Simon Says, Set the Clock.”

23. Create a clock craft. Have your preschooler cut out a clock and then practice setting the time before gluing it together.

24. Make a time game. Create a game board with different times and have your preschooler roll the dice and move their pieces to the correct times.

25. Play “I Spy.” Try I Spy something that tells time, and have your preschooler guess what it is.

26. Use a calendar. Show your preschooler a calendar and have them practice saying what day and month it is.

27. Play “Time Jumble.” Cut out the numbers of the clock and have your preschooler match them up to the correct time.

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