28 Classroom Rules for a Happier Classroom

In order to create a more enjoyable and productive classroom environment, teachers should follow certain guidelines. Here are 28 classroom rules that can help create a more positive learning environment:

  1. Let students know what is expected of them in advance.
  2. Make sure all materials are available in advance.
  3. Give students a chance to ask questions.
  4. Allow students to work in groups whenever possible.
  5. Make sure students are allowed to take breaks and have time for socializing.
  6. Give feedback regularly.
  7. Don’t get angry or frustrated easily.
  8. Be respectful of students’ time.
  9. Let students know when they are doing well.
  10. Encourage students to ask questions and express their thoughts.
  11. Be supportive of students’ efforts.
  12. Be patient with students.
  13. Be aware of students’ moods and reactions.
  14. Let students know when they are not meeting expectations.
  15. Let students know when they can leave.
  16. Make sure students know where to find help if they need it.
  17. Don’t overreact to students’ mistakes.
  18. Be fair in assigning tasks.
  19. Be flexible in setting deadlines.
  20. Be aware of students’ physical and emotional well-being.
  21. Make sure students can openly express their feelings.
  22. Promote a positive school culture.
  23. Cooperate with other teachers.
  24. Make sure students have opportunities to learn from their mistakes.
  25. Encourage students to get involved in extracurricular activities.
  26. Make sure students have access to technology.
  27. Reward students for their efforts.
  28. Make sure students have a positive school experience.
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