28 Songs and Poems to Teach Preschool Kids about Basic Shapes


Teaching preschool kids about basic shapes can be both fun and engaging when it’s done through songs and poems. Learning and identifying these shapes helps children develop their spatial awareness, pre-reading skills, and fine motor abilities. Here is a collection of 28 songs and poems that will help teach preschool kids about circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and more!

1. The Circle Song

2. The Square Dance

3. The Triangle Tune

4. Rectangles Are Everywhere

5. Shape Parade

6. Shapes All Around Us

7. Learning My Shapes

8. Shapes in the Sky

9. The Shape of Things

10. Circle Friends

11. Show Me a Square

12. Terrific Triangles

13. Rectangle Rodeo

14. Circles Go Round and Round

15. Squares and Triangles Oh My!

16. Shape Hunt Adventure

17. Let’s Draw Some Shapes

18. Dancing with Shapes

19. Shape Patterns Traveling Band

20. Building with Shapes

21. Silly Shape Song

22. Circle in the Square

23. Pyramid Party

24. Shape Lullaby for Preschoolers26.

25. Shape Detectives Clubhouse Song26.

Outer Space Shape Exploration27.

The Stretching Circle27.

Round and Round We Go28.


Music and poetry have an incomparable way of making learning more enjoyable for children, inspiring them to engage their minds in positive ways that promote learning retention long after they leave the classroom or finish the day’s activities.

Teaching preschool kids about basic shapes through these fun-filled songs and poems will not only improve their understanding of spatial relationships but also cultivate a love for learning from an early age.

Parents, teachers, and caregivers are encouraged to incorporate these songs and poems into daily routine activities or structured learning sessions to foster an interactive and creative learning environment for their young ones. Don’t forget, learning about shapes can be as easy as singing a song or reciting a poem!

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