2nd Grade Anchor Charts That Will Make Teaching Easier

Anchor charts are a great way to help teachers keep track of student progress. They can be used to track tests, homework, and other academic goals. Here are some tips for creating 2nd grade anchor charts that will make your teaching easier.

1. Bucket Filling

The bucket filling concept can be illustrated with this cute chart! This powerful idea can be made accessible by the teacher breaking down what this idea looks, sounds, and feels like. Having behavioral expectations posted that can be referred to often are helpful for the beginning of the year.

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2. Cause and Effect

Adding this anchor chart to your next science lesson is a fantastic idea. Introducing the concept of cause and effect using pictures and example words allows the students to make connections about where they witness this concept in real life. Ask them to add other examples they notice!

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3. Types of Lines

Drawing these lines on the large anchor chart paper can help your students visualize the meaning of the words parallel, intersecting and perpendicular. This chart can be added to your introduction lesson or review period.

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4. What Good Readers Do

Your second grader students are still developing as readers. A picture like this will remind them what a good reader asks, does, and looks like. You can refer to this chart before your silent reading or reading buddy time.

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5. Parts of a Plant

This awesome anchor chart is fantastic because the diagram and labels make the information clear to students. This is especially the case when the labels and diagrams are paired with bright colors and lively visuals.

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