3 Causes of Family Estrangement

There are three primary causes of family estrangement. These are:

1) Physical or mental abuse: This is when one or both members of the family are physically or mentally abusing each other. This can lead to feelings of fear and insecurity, which can ultimately lead to estrangement.

2) Conflicting views about parenting: If one member of the family has drastically different views about parenting than the other, it can lead to estrangement. For example, one parent may believe in strict discipline while the other believes in providing a more nurturing environment. This can be incredibly difficult to reconcile, which can lead to estrangement.

3) Separation or divorce: If one member of the family is constantly separating or divorcing, this can lead to estrangement. This can be incredibly difficult for the family to cope with as it can create a lot of stress and tension.

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