3 Essentials in an M-learning Environment

We are, without a doubt, experiencing a mobile revolution. Mobile tech is on its way to totally change the process of education. More and more learners use mobile devices outside and inside the classroom to access information and learn materials. This trend isn’t going away. 

In this piece, we will examine three of the key components needed for a successful m-learning environment. 

School Issued Devices or BYOD?

This is one of the questions educators must ask themselves before investing in content or starting with m-learning development. You must decide if you want your learners to use their own devices or provide devices to them for academic purposes. 

Both approaches have proven to be successful in their own regards, but, as with many things, there are benefits and detriments to both. For instance, a BYOD program can reduce hardware costs since learners will use their own devices to do their learning.

Providing your learners with devices can lessen the costs for ongoing development in the long term. It is up to you to determine if BYOD is the correct strategy for your m-learning environment. 

Microlearning With Mobile Devices

It would be criminal to discuss m-learning without touching on microlearning. By breaking down your content into manageable pieces, microlearning is ideal for an m-learning environment.

Each lesson ranges from about 1 to 10 minutes in duration, is optimized for mobile devices and consists of eLearning content. Microlearning is proven to improve engagement, regardless if a mobile device is involved or not. 

Another advantage is that it lets you check off more items on your learners’ learning to-do list, which helps increase their motivation for learning.

Measuring Success

One of the many critical factors of any learning strategy, mobile or otherwise, is how you plan on measuring its success. You should be concentrating on three main things: the input you provide as an educator, the output received from your learners, and the outcome of the learning strategy as a whole. It helps to think of these as large-scale objectives that can be measured with data through a LMS.  


There you have it—three of the key components to a thriving m-learning environment. M-learning will shape the education process for the better, which is why it’s so essential to do it the right way now.

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