3 Perks of Network Management on a University Campus

Firewalls and other anti-intrusion tech are all parts of a network management system. Having these systems firmly in place can aid IT teams on university campuses worldwide, ensuring that the learners and faculty have the bandwidth and performance needed to complete their work.

These teams will monitor the university’s networks and help install these systems, ensuring the networks are safe and working at the highest level. This can give these universities quite a few perks. Here are the three biggest perks:

Increased Security & Visibility

Of the three perks, this one may be the most important. With many bad actors floating around online, all universities (and everyone) must have some sort of basic, if not more in-depth, monitoring of their online systems going on at all times. 

Most universities that have experienced breaches have opted to elevate their monitoring system for improved security. Most of these new systems start with automation to detect any intruders floating around in the system. Along with this type of network, management also comes with more advanced firewalls. 

Performance Improvement Through Virtual Tracking

Another perk of network management is the ability to boost the system’s performance. By monitoring the systems, the IT departments can see if ghost servers or other vital tools are draining power or memory for no purpose.

By using sensors dedicated to this task and firewall logs, the IT team can see if servers are not being used anymore. Once they identify them, they can reroute that power and other things away from that server, boosting the power of the other servers. 

Ability to Monitor Bandwidth Needs Continually

With more and more schools offering online courses, the bandwidth and connectivity are vital to both the staff and the learners of any university. It must be noted that most schools do a good job ensuring everyone can utilize their tech. 

A network management system can help ensure that as many places on campus as possible are meeting the requirements. These software and tech solutions can optimize bandwidth, which makes the system work faster. 


Universities that invest in a network management system will be using their funds wisely. With the world moving more and more toward an online school system, ensuring the security of their staff and learners’ information is by far the biggest perk. But the addition of being able to optimize speed, bandwidth and optimize performance will make everyone’s lives a bit easier.

IT departments will have the ability to monitor and protect at all times, making for a more fluid educational experience on both ends. Many universities have already begun investing in these systems, and it won’t be long until it is a standard set across the education industry.

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