3 Productive Activities To Improve Communication And Teaming Skills In Children

Guiding the children to function as a team where they communicate with others, listen to their point of views and then form strategies to accomplish their goals is vital. Encouraging your child to play certain games and activities with you and among their fellow class fellows is an effective way to start. 

They help the children be more ready and adaptable to evolutions, communicate clearly with others, know how to function as a team, and value your team members equally. Below are the top 3 exciting ideas you can incorporate. 

Four Way Tug Of Wars

Instead of a regular tug of war game, have the students play the four-way tug of war. You can start by tying two ropes in a way that forms an X, with a bandana tied in the center. Make a circle around the ropes, and then divide the children into four teams. 

As each team stands on each end, they shall start tugging together after you blow the whistle. This game offers numerous benefits as it urges the teams to combine their efforts and strengths into pulling the rope till the bandana crosses the circle.

Stacking Cups Without Using Hands Challenge 

This game works wonders for building tolerance and persistence in children. You can plan the number of children in each team and then attach those many strong on a rubber band. Every person on the team shall hold one string and work together to pick the cups by stretching and releasing the rubber band. 

The goal is to construct a cup pyramid, and the intention behind this exercise is to encourage the children to communicate and be a successful team. They should think of possible approaches to coordinate and move with a flow to build the pyramid. It tests how determined you are and motivate your team members to work alongside you. 

Hot Seats 

Hot Seats is a highly engaging activity in which you divide your class into two groups. One student from each group is to sit on a chair- the hot seat- and they have to guess a word that you write on the board behind them. The rest of the group members can define it or use antonyms and synonyms too. 

As the students guess the right word, they get replaced with another team member. Whichever team wins is because of how well they worked jointly, helping each other and their team member on the hot seat to achieve a specific goal. 

Concluding Thoughts

Ensuring children’s cooperation skills means that even the parents and teachers have the required skills and knowledge to mentor them. As an effective teacher, you must plan for creative exercises for the children to participate in and become good listeners, speakers, and innovators. Above are the three most successful suggestions to get you started.

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