3 SEL Practices Teachers Can Use Every Day

When it comes to teaching social and emotional skills, it’s essential to remember that these skills are vital for healthy and happy students. Here are three social and emotional learning practices that teachers can use every day.

1. Give students opportunities for feedback

This way, they can learn how to communicate effectively and receive positive feedback.

2. Encourage students to talk to others

One of the best ways to help students develop social and emotional skills is to encourage them to talk to others so they can learn how to build relationships and connect with others.

3. Teach students about healthy coping mechanisms

Teach students about healthy coping mechanisms so they can learn how to manage their emotions successfully and cope with difficult situations.

There are many different ways to use SEL practices in the classroom. Some teachers find that using techniques such as personalized coaching, online tools, or role-playing can help them better engage and motivate their students. Other teachers find that using games, movies, or texts can be helpful in teaching SEL skills. It is important to find the practice that best meets the needs of the students in your class.

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