3 Steps to Becoming a Teacher in Nebraska

Want to become a teacher in the great state of Nebraska? If so, you have come to the right place. Below you will find a short article that lists the steps to becoming a teacher in Nebraska.

Step 1: Complete an Approved Teacher Preparation Program

To teach in the U.S., educators must hold at least an undergraduate degree. The state of Nebraska also requires students to complete a state-approved teacher education program to receive certification. Nebraska requires that you meet the qualifications for at least one endorsement to teach a subject and/or at a grade level. Each endorsement has specific course requirements. Also, Nebraska requires you to complete training in human relations and special education.

Teacher education programs generally consist of two elements—curriculum and field experiences. Curriculum typically includes instruction on teaching foundational skills, pedagogy (the science of teaching), and preparing students to research, create, and implement learning experiences in their field of study. Field experiences often include field observations, internships, student teaching, or a combination of all three. A list of accredited teacher education programs in Nebraska can be found on the Nebraska Department of Education website.

Step 2: Complete the Required Exams

Most U.S. states require exams to show proficiency in basic skills as well as in the subject area in which they want to teach. Nebraska utilizes the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (CORE) for foundational skills and the Praxis II Content Area exams for subject area licensure. Nebraska issues an Initial Certificate, good for five years, to new graduates of teacher education programs; a Standard Certificate, also good for five years, which can obtained once a teacher has completed two consecutive years of full- or half-time teaching; and a Professional Certificate, good for ten years, for teachers who hold a a master’s degree.

Visit the Nebraska Department of Education website to learn more about earning your Nebraska teaching credential.

Step 3: Submit a Nebraska Teaching Credential Application

Once you have successfully finished all of your educational obligations, completed your student teaching requirements, and passed all of the required assessments, you may apply for teaching licensure in the state of Nebraska. The Nebraska Teaching Licensure application must be completed online. Make sure you send all of the requested documentation to the Nebraska Department of Education:

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