3 Steps to Becoming a Teacher in Vermont

Want to become a teacher in the great state of Vermont? If so, you have come to the right place. Below you will find a short article that lists the steps to becoming a teacher in Vermont.

Step 1: Complete an Approved Teacher Preparation Program

An undergraduate degree is a minimum requirement for educators in all U.S. states, including Vermont. Educators in Vermont are required to complete an approved teacher education program from an accredited college or university. A list of approved teacher education programs can be found on the State of Vermont Agency of Education website

Some U.S. states also have undergraduate semester-hour requirements for educators seeking certification in specific specialty areas. Vermont does not list specific course or semester-hour requirements, but every college or university teacher education program will have requirements of its own. Contact your teacher education program or the Department of Education for more information. Vermont requires at least 12 weeks of student teaching.

As in most U.S. states, in Vermont, teacher education programs are a combination of curriculum and field experiences. The courses often include instruction on foundational knowledge and skills, teaching methodology, and preparing students to research, create and implement learning experiences in their field of study. Field experiences include observing classrooms, student teaching, or completing an internship.

Step 2: Complete the Required Exams

In Vermont, teachers must pass the relevant Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators exams and Praxis II content exams. A full list of necessary exams by subject area can be found on the State of Vermont Agency of Education website.

Educators in Vermont begin with a Level I Professional Educator’s License, which is valid for three years and may be renewed. Educators are eligible for a Level II Professional Educator’s License, renewable every five years, once they have: taught for three years; finished three credits or 45 hours of professional development; completed a self-assessment pertaining to the Core Teaching Standards and Progressions or the Core Leadership Standards; and sent documentation of any  licenses or credentials required. You may be able to earn your Vermont teaching credential through interstate reciprocity if you already have a  teaching license or credential from another state.

Step 3: Submit a Vermont Teaching Credential Application

After the completion of all education, experience, and testing requirements, candidates are ready to send their certification applications to the DOE. The first step toward certification is to complete the certification application form. The candidate should send completed application packets to the DOE. License applications take eight to 12 weeks to process, so candidates should attempt to complete their packets as soon as possible.

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