3 Steps to Becoming a Teacher in Virginia

Want to become a teacher in the great state of Virginia? If so, you have come to the right place. Below you will find a short article that lists the steps to becoming a teacher in Virginia.

Step 1: Complete an Approved Teacher Preparation Program

All U.S. states, including Virginia, require a minimum of an undergraduate degree to receive teacher certification. Potential educators in Virginia are also required to complete an accredited teacher education program from a college or university. A list of state-approved university teacher education programs can be found at the Virginia Department of Education’s list of Approved Educator Preparation Programs.

Every college or university teacher education program will have requirements of its own. Contact your teacher education program or the Virginia Department of Education’s licensure page for more information. Virginia does not list specific course or semester-hour requirements, although it does specify the skills it wants educators in every area or subject to master. The state does require 300-375 clock hours of field experiences, including 150 or more hours of supervised student teaching, depending on your specialization.

Teacher education programs in Virginia are a combination of curriculum and field experiences. The courses often include instruction on foundational knowledge and skills, teaching methodology, and preparing students to research, create and implement learning techniques in their field of study. Field experiences include student teaching, observing classrooms, or completing an internship.

Step 2: Complete the Required Exams

In Virginia, educators must pass a Basic Skills Test requirement and Subject Area Competence assessments related to their teaching specialty area.

Basic Skills Test

Subject Area Competence

  • Praxis II: Subject Exams in your specialty area
  • Praxis Series Reading for Virginia Educators (RVE) required for Elementary and Special Education Certification.

Virginia provides several routes to licensure, including university programs approved by the Board of Education, reciprocity for educators licensed by other U.S. states, and alternative ways for qualified candidates. Contact the Virginia Department of Education for more information

Step 3: Submit a Virginia Teaching Credential Application

After completing all education, testing, and experience requirements, candidates can begin the educator certification application process. The DOE requires all candidates to complete a certification application packet found here. Applicants should complete all sections, including their contact information, educational background, experience, and endorsement areas.

Also, candidates must send a non-refundable application fee with their applications. For in-state candidates, the fee is $50, and out-of-state candidates must pay $75. Candidates may include a certified check, cashiers check, money order or personal check addressed to the Treasurer of Virginia. After their application packets are completed, candidates may send the packet to the Virginia DOE.

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