30 Cool & Creative 7th Grade Engineering Projects

When it comes to engineering, 7th grade is an excellent time for students to dive into the world of engineering and explore the possibilities. From building bridges to creating robots, there are plenty of cool and creative engineering projects that 7th graders can work on. Here are 30 awesome ideas that can help spark your student’s interest in engineering.

1. Build a trebuchet: Design and build a trebuchet that can accurately launch a projectile.

2. Construct a bridge: Build a bridge out of bamboo or other materials that can hold 12-15 pounds without breaking.

3. Design a robot: Create a robot using a kit or 3D-printed parts.

4. Make a catapult: Design and build a catapult that can launch a projectile accurately.

5. Construct a model of a city: Create a model of a city using cardboard and recycling materials.

6. Construct a rollercoaster: Build a model rollercoaster using wood and other materials.

7. Build a wind turbine: Build a real-working wind turbine using wood and a motor.

8. Create a solar panel: Design and build a solar panel that can be used to power a device.

9. Construct a remote-controlled car: Design and build a car that can be controlled with a remote.

10. Create a hydropower generator: Design and build a hydropower generator that can generate electricity.

11. Create a robotic arm: Design and build a robotic arm that can perform simple tasks.

12. Design a paper airplane: Create a paper airplane that can fly the furthest distance.

13. Construct a water wheel: Design and build a water wheel that can use the power of water to create electricity.

14. Create a Rube Goldberg machine: Construct an elaborate machine that can perform a simple task.

15. Design a wind tunnel: Create a wind tunnel that can measure the speed of the wind.

16. Create a hovercraft: Design and build a hovercraft that can glide across the surface of the water.

17. Construct a hot air balloon: Build a hot air balloon out of paper and other materials.

18. Design a 3D-printed car: Create a car using 3D-printed parts and a motor.

19. Create a LEGO machine: Design and build a machine made out of LEGO pieces.

20. Construct a zip line: Build a zip line that can safely transport an object from one point to another.

21. Design an airplane: Construct an airplane out of cardboard and other materials that can actually fly.

22. Construct a solar oven: Build a solar oven that can cook food using the heat of the sun.

23. Design a water filter: Create a water filter that can remove contaminants from water.

24. Build a geodesic dome: Construct a geodesic dome out of wood and other materials.

25. Design a parachute: Create a parachute that can safely drop an object from a height.

26. Construct a hoverboard: Build a hoverboard that can float on water.

27. Create a marble machine: Design and build a machine out of wood and other materials that can move a marble.

28. Design a 3D-printed airplane: Create a model airplane using 3D-printed parts.

29. Build a rope bridge: Construct a rope bridge that can safely hold the weight of a person.

30. Create a pinball machine: Design and build a pinball machine out of wood and other materials.

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