30 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Nashville with Kids

Nashville, the state capital of Tennessee, has a long history of beautiful music culture.

The “Music City,” where Vanderbilt University is, is home to illustrious music venues, including the Grand Ole Opry House and the Ryman Auditorium.

But Nashville isn’t just about the music; there are a ton of family-friendly activities that can keep you busy for days.

If you’re looking for some ideas, check out this list of the best things to do in Nashville with kids!

  1. Grand Ole Opry and Backstage Tour

While the closest some of us may get to being rockstars is doing an off-key rendition of Rockstar on a karaoke night, at the Grand Ole Opry, you may go as close as standing on the very stage your idol once stepped on!

Visitors may enjoy an awesome live radio show here, and they can also take a tour of the Ryman Auditorium’s backstage areas to learn more about the venue’s legendary past and see the actual dressing rooms.

Because of its perfectly timed 45-minute show length, church pew seating (which allows free movement), and popcorn, the concert is one of the best family-friendly activities in Nashville.

  1. Hop On Hop Off Bus

One of Nashville’s best family attractions and a practical way to experience the city is the popular Hop On Hop Off Bus.

The onboard experienced tour guide of the double-decker bus can point out attractions you might otherwise miss, including the recording studios and particular areas of town, all for an affordable price.

The steady influx of attractions will also help to keep the little ones occupied and under control, allowing parents to focus on the attractions rather than the kids.

  1. Belle Meade Plantation

Belle Meade is a great plantation to visit in the South because it offers engaging tours to keep the kids interested, and the adults get a delight right at the end – wine tasting!

There are horse stables, carriage storage, and a lovely lawn on the formerly horse-breeding plantation.

The entire site is covered in the 45-minute tour, which is fascinating in and of itself. However, you are left in charge of your children and any “emergencies” for the duration of the tour as they keep the door locked when the tour starts and will only open it at the end.

  1. The Escape Game Nashville

The Escape Game Nashville is a great place to start if you’re wondering what tweens can do in Nashville.

This attraction, a distinct escape game, is one place where the kids won’t whine about being indoors.

Participants are divided into groups of up to 8 and given 60 minutes to figure out how to escape from their specifically designed rooms.

You have a variety of sets and props to assist you along the way, as well as instructions for when things get very challenging, so don’t worry!

The excitement, intrigue, and adventure they offer here will likely appeal to tweens!

  1. Music City Hall of Fame

The Music City Hall of Fame is “the” place to go if you want a super-detailed look at everything “country music.” After all, Nashville is the Music City.

The museum features fantastic kid-friendly attractions, such as the Scavenger Hunt (with prizes at the end!) and a kids’ area to keep them entertained. There are also well-displayed exhibits that cover the genre’s history for you to explore.

The recording studio, a favorite among visitors, is undoubtedly the highlight. Here, you may record, replay, and save your song like in a recording studio.

Very cool!

  1. Frist Center for the Visual Arts Nashville

This may not seem like something kids would enjoy until they try the interactive activities the Frist Center offers.

Visitors of the Frist Center may find themselves staying for hours because the art section has a fantastic photography collection that both parents and kids will love. They also have a kids’ area where the little ones can enjoy themselves.

There are a variety of interactive children’s activities focused on fine art and construction, including building, water-color painting, and stop-motion animation, all available in the kids’ section.

The entire family can create art together while kids let their inner Picassos loose!

  1. Nashville Adventure Science Center

Every city has a fantastic place where learning and enjoyment coexist, and Nashville is no exception. The Nashville Adventure Science Center is where science is as far from being “boring” as humanly possible.

You may visit the TinkerLab to build at your fullest capacity (you may take your masterpiece home) or climb to the top of the super-cool climbing structure at the center of the museum, which has a stunning view over Nashville.

Last is the Farting Slide.

Yes, this slide farts every time you slide down on it. Kids adore it despite the disapproval of their parents.

  1. Gaylord Opryland and Resort Convention Center

Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy a freebie?

If you just agreed, you’ll like Nashville’s enormous resort and convention center, where visitors can enjoy themselves without charge.

Many of the Gaylord Opryland resort’s amenities, including the delta river, the cascades, and the garden conservatory, are available for the guests to explore.

You may sit by a waterfall and unwind while the kids play freely across the property.

You may take a boat trip on the delta river right amid the hotel or visit the nice shops and restaurants.

  1. Centennial Park and the Parthenon

The huge Centennial Park has typical park features, including magnificent ponds and plush grass. The Parthenon, another unique feature, is a replica of the ancient Parthenon in Greece. Even the 24-foot-tall statue of Athena from the Greek Parthenon is included in the replica.

The grounds are free to use and can be enjoyed as much as you want, but entering the statue will cost you a few dollars per person.

Depending on where you’re staying, it can be a little bit of a drive to get to Centennial Park because it’s almost outside of Nashville.

  1.  Musician’s Corner

The Nashville Musicians’ Corner comes alive in the spring with various outdoor performances and music events.

The best part? It is free to enjoy.

Apart from that, the food trucks that frequent Musician’s Corner during the festivals are well-known for serving various delectable dishes.

You can eat everything from snow cones to grilled cheese at this location, where Nashville’s most well-known street cuisine is served.

Take your food and proceed to the picnic tables, or if you don’t care, spread out on the grass or the amphitheater’s steps and chow down!

  1.  Instagram Murals

With a name like “Instagram Murals,” you can be sure that there are many photo opportunities for social media here. The teenagers in the family are guaranteed to enjoy this one.

The most popular mural is the one with the angel wings; because of its popularity, there can be a line before you can take a photo of it. Visit at the correct time to prevent weird shadows.

The other murals are equally impressive, but while some are close, others require traveling by car, unless you don’t mind walking.

  1.  Cumberland Park and Walking in Downtown Nashville

Cumberland Park is not a well-known destination in Nashville; without looking for it, you probably won’t discover it.

The fun slide, rock walls, and mild hills of this cool park on the banks of the Cumberland River make it one of the best family activities in Nashville, Tennessee.

You can also bring a picnic and sit at a table where you can dine and unwind.

If the family becomes bored with the park, you may proceed to musical downtown through a walking bridge that connects the park to it.

Hyatt Place Nashville Downtown is a suggested lodging nearby.

  1.  Nashville Zoo

Who doesn’t love seeing animals? A trip to the zoo is always a perfect vacation plan.

Visit the Nashville Zoo if you enjoy animals or are looking for a fun family activity.

The zoological garden is situated in a historic plantation farmhouse just a few miles from Downtown Nashville.

More than 6,200 animals from about 340 species are housed in the zoo.

The little ones will also enjoy a variety of other activities, such as holding baby kangaroos and holding and petting tortoises.

They also have a wonderful jungle gym and the Wilderness Express Train, which offers a thrilling trip.

  1.  Bluebird Cafe

This famous coffeehouse continues to be as popular as the TV show it was in!

If you’re trying to figure out things to do with kids in Nashville, consider visiting this all-ages attraction.

Since its doors first opened in 1982, Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe has established itself as one of the top venues for acoustic music.

LeAnn Rimes and Garth Brooks are frequent visitors; many got their start here!

Every evening, the cafe hosts two performances, one of which is an open mic session.

You can also go on a tour solely focused on Nashville (the TV series).

  1.  Nashville Sounds

Catch a baseball game where the Nashville Sounds are playing if you’re in town any time between late March and early September.

The Nashville Sounds are a Minor League Baseball team named in honor of the thriving music scene in the area.

The Pacific Coast League’s Triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers represents the city’s home club.

On special days, super-fun baseball-related activities are planned for kids in addition to the excitement of the game and delectable food.

Depending on the location, time, and place of booking, tickets might cost anywhere from $10 to $41.

  1.  East Nashville

East Nashville is stunning and artistic; the local culture is vibrant here, and tourists have a wide variety of places to eat and buy.

Visit the Five Points neighborhood for some gorgeous street art, upscale fine-dining establishments, and buzzy bars.

You can also check out Shelby Park’s Greenway, which comes after the shimmering Cumberland that features lovely roads surrounded by trees.

Fatherland Street is a terrific place to go if you’re looking for unusual goods like hand-blended teas, weird clothing, or interesting souvenirs.

Many kid-friendly breweries are operating, so check them out if you’re looking for some amazing craft beer.

  1.  Wildhorse Saloon

Families can have a lot of fun at The Wildhorse Saloon thanks to its fantastic dance floor, delicious food (including a kids’ menu), and lively atmosphere.

Check the schedule in advance to avoid needless (and pricey) cover charges at this enormous bar and restaurant, which is just off Broadway. They host a wide variety of events every day.

The menu is somewhat pricey, much like the cover charge.

The major attraction here is the dance floor, where you may participate in a line-dancing class or jam out to country music.

The young ones also get a special session.

  1.  Pfunky Griddle

It’s a certainty that you must take the kids to the Pfunky Griddle, a restaurant as unique as its name if you’re in Nashville.

In this unusual restaurant, the tables have griddles in the center so that diners can prepare their pancakes.

There are several options for toppings to go with the pancakes, including fruit and M&Ms.

Additionally, you can prepare your own grilled cheese, hash potatoes, and eggs.

Oh, and the restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat menu to make the syrup on your pancake even sweeter!

The kids won’t rush to leave the table this time, but you must be prepared for a sugar rush!


  1.  Poole Knobs Campground

Instead of using traditional transportation, rent an RV and drive down to Nashville; with its variety of campgrounds, Nashville is a wonderful spot for camping families.

One such fantastic camping location is the Poole Knobs Campground. It is enormous and has a view of the water so that you may wake up to lovely water views and go to sleep listening to the sound of the water.

It takes 45 minutes to drive from the campground to downtown Nashville, so be sure to factor that into your itinerary and travel plans.

  1.  Seven Points

Another stunning campground in Nashville is Seven Points. It is more convenient to the lake, situated adjacent to a playground, and, more importantly, the beach!

It makes sense that the campgrounds are enormous because the United States Army Corps of Engineers owns the land, making it comparable to a state park.

Furthermore, it’s not an RV park. This means there are no hookups, and you are at the pleasure of Mother Nature.

Seven Points is more accessible to build up a base than Poole Knobs since it’s only 20 minutes from downtown Nashville.

  1.  Fannie May Dees Park

Like music, Nashville is also abundant with beautiful green spaces, many of which are distinctive, but all are jam-packed with family-friendly entertainment.

One outstanding location is Fannie Mae Dees Park.

Because of the gigantic dragon that emerges from the ground coated in mosaic tiles, this family-friendly park is also known as “Dragon Park” in the neighborhood.

This spectacular display includes a splash pad, a picnic shelter, and a ton of playthings for the kids to enjoy.

  1.  Nashville’s Children Theater

One of the best family-friendly activities in Nashville is taking the kids to the Nashville Children’s Theater. This non-profit company hosts several entertaining kids’ programs, including acting lessons, summer camps, and the production of captivating kid-friendly plays.

There will always be kids’ activities here suitable for various age groups and grade levels, no matter when you visit. Their schedule is available on their website.

Depending on your schedule and the day of the week, you can choose to see a matinee or an evening performance.

  1.  Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is unquestionably the most well-known wax museum in the world. It has locations in every major city, and Nashville is no exception.

Get your photo taken with all of your favorite celebs; the little ones will also be thrilled to see the idolized stars of their generation.

The museum also provides an excellent introduction to Nashville’s musical history with monuments of all the city’s greatest musicians.

The Grand Ole Opry and Madame Tussauds are adjacent, and both are open until 9 pm every night (except Sundays, when it closes at 7 pm), allowing you to see both places in a single day.

  1.  Honky Tonk Highway

The music never stops at the Honky Tonk Highway, one of Nashville’s busiest streets.

There are countless music venues (most of them free), gastropubs, and eateries on both Upper and Lower Broadway.

The Whiskey Row gastropub, AJ’s Good Time Bar, and Alan Jackson’s Bar are some of the must-visit locations nearby, and they all feature top-notch live music.

Many eateries, including the must-try Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, are open to families during the day. Even if some places may only allow adults to enter at night, it is also usual to see kids playing on Honky Tonk Highway even after bedtime.

  1.  BB King’s Nashville

Kids may don their dancing shoes, groove to live blues and jazz music, and have a delicious meal from menus created just for them at BB King’s Nashville.

Families that visit BB King’s Nashville are treated to rock and roll, classic soul, and likely the most tender, juicy ribs in town, along with various delectable trademark beverages. It is consistently listed among Nashville’s greatest restaurants and live music venues.

In addition, other well-known locations are close by, so you can explore them and finish your day at BB King’s.

  1.  Nashville Ghost Tour

Nashville Ghost Tour offers a guided tour of the most haunted locations in Music City. You will surely enjoy this attraction if you’re a family of brave hearts.

Tour guides lead groups around Nashville’s sights like the Tennessee State Capitol, the Ryman Auditorium, and President Polk’s Tomb while telling ghost stories and wearing historical costumes; they even have lanterns!

Many tour providers offer combo packages, such as a ghost tour with a pub crawl or a ghost tour plus sightseeing. The hearse tour, which includes a 60-minute trip around Nashville’s most iconic sites, offers a genuine one-of-a-kind experience.

  1.  Treetop Adventure Park

The Treetop Adventure Park will probably convince you if you are still unsure if Nashville is a good place for a family vacation.

The Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort’s gorgeous forests are the setting for this adventure course, which has over 100 challenging obstacles of varying levels of difficulty, including zip lines, cargo nets, hanging bridges, and Tarzan swings.

Visit the Treetop Adventure Park for a great experience with lots of chances for family bonding – there is something for everyone to enjoy!

  1.  Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

The historic residence of America’s seventh president, Andrew Jackson, is known as the Hermitage.

You can learn about the president’s life and times in addition to touring one of Tennessee’s most beautiful and historic farms.

Numerous tours are offered, ranging from 1.5-hour VIP excursions that take guests through the expansive grounds and palace to a tour that provides a sobering insight into life as a slave during that era.

However, the main attraction is the horse-drawn wagon tour, which transports visitors back in time to the lives of everyone who had resided on this 1,000-acre cotton estate.

  1.  Nashville Shores Waterpark

With places like the Nashville Shores Waterpark, Nashville is kid-friendly.

The largest waterpark in the city offers a ton of fun – more than a million gallons worth, to be exact!

The amusement park contains eight entertaining water slides, a sizable wave pool, a lazy river, and the wildly entertaining Kowabunga Beach, which has a fascinating treehouse and playground.

When your all-you-can-play allotment at the park has been used up, you may relax on the lovely beach that backs up to the waterpark situated on the shores of Percy Priest Lake.

  1.  Adventureworks Zipline

Adventureworks Zipline is located on a 40-acre ridgetop at the Narrows of Harpeth State Park, about 25 miles west of Nashville.

Adventureworks is one of the best places in Nashville to get stunning panoramic views of the surrounding countryside because it is surrounded by the Harpeth River.

Numerous zip-lining experiences are available, including canopy, sweetheart, twilight firefly, and even haunted tours.

Kids can also celebrate their birthdays here, which is another bonus!

While the kids get their fill of thrills, you can unwind in a natural setting if you’re not up for the excitement.

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