30 Incredible ELearning Tools, Apps, and Platforms

The use of elearning is rapidly rising in P-20 classrooms. At this point, it’s no longer a question of whether teachers should embrace elearning. The question should be how do we make the most out of this trend. According to the International Association for K-12 Online Learning, there are nearly 1.9 million K-12 enrollments in online courses every school year, up from under 50,000 in 2000. The current number does not even include students enrolled in primarily online schools. Thirty-one states have full-time online K-12 schools that serve on a statewide basis.

Elearning is no longer all or nothing—it has become mainstream and will continue to transform in-classroom learning in the coming years. To help teachers adapt, we decided to create a list of 30 of the most incredible elearning tools, apps, and platforms. This should get them up to speed with elearning technologies in no time.

  1. Noodle – Online learning just got smarter.
  2. Education Elements – A trailblazer in the area of blended learning.
  3. Schoology – Comprehensive learning management tool.
  4. Coursekit – Basic, yet powerful learning management system.
  5. Time to Know – Online learning and teaching platform.
  6. Haiku – A simple, yet robust
  7. OpenStudy– An online tutoring and studying app.
  8. Brightstorm – Affordable test prep and free tutoring.
  9. Student of Fortune– Online tutoring and homework help.
  10. StudySync – Elearning that inspires scholarship.
  11. Skillshare– Helps people learn anything, anywhere.
  12. Coursera – Free courses from the world’s best universities.
  13. Udemy– Elearning classes taught by experts.
  14. eLearning Brothers– Helps anyone develop game and courses for online delivery.
  15. 2tor – Allows you to deliver traditional lessons online.
  16. K12 – Online learning for K-12 learners.
  17. Sclipo – Allows colleges to deliver courses online.
  18. Memrise – Online learning platform.
  19. Mindflash – Online training.
  20. Duolingo – Free access to online language learning.
  21. WizIQ – Elearning resources.
  22. Myngle – Language learning delivered online by private teachers.
  23. Mingoville – Learn English online.
  24. Sophia – Online learning platform for learning new skills.
  25. BlueTeach– Online learning site with 10,000 users.
  26. Spongelab– An online learning community for the field of science.
  27. eduFire – A learning community that happens to be online.
  28. BenchPrep – Online test prep.
  29. Magoosh – Online test prep in the form of a personal tutor.
  30. The Education Arcade– A collection of online learning games.

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