30 “Must Haves” for Surviving College

It’s thrilling to get ready to pack up and go to college. Online, there are several packing lists available, such as those from Bed Bath & Beyond or Her Campus. However, we’ve put together a list of extras that will simplify your first year of college. Think about purchasing these goods to survive!

30 College Must Haves

  1. Extra set of Bedsheets

An extra pair of bedding is among the essentials for college. Why? People can only predict when someone may arrive and want to spend the night. Your futon could be saved by having an additional set of sheets (or save your guests from your well-loved futon). Additionally, there’s always a potential that you’ll drop your SpaghettiOs while doing your schoolwork in bed. Nobody likes to wash laundry late at night when they’re exhausted.

  1. A for 4

You will only sometimes be able to alter the temperature in your dorm. You lack the authority to switch on or off the furnace or air conditioner. A fan may be able to save your life, depending on the institution you attend. I’d suggest two. Then one that you can attach to your bed or desk, one of those huge oscillating or box fans. Even elegant desk fans that connect to USB ports are available. Additionally, they are excellent at producing white noise.

  1. At least one big microwaveable bowl

It’s true what you’ve heard—college students consume a lot of Ramen and soup. There are dining halls on campus where you may eat, but having a meal choice in your room is also wonderful. Therefore, having at least one large microwaveable dish is a must for colleges.

Fun fact: You may also prepare macaroni and cheese in the microwave, but if you do, be sure to smuggle some milk from the cafeteria.

  1. Noise-canceling headphones

These are very necessary. You’ll need these for studying at the library, coffee shops, dorm rooms, and on the bus. Purchase a quality pair and treat them well. They may be listened to for relaxation, meditation, grooving out on the way to class, or even as bedtime lullabies. Sometimes all you need to do is shut off the chaos around you.

Purchase a quality pair and treat them well. They may be listened to for relaxation, meditation, grooving out on the way to class, or even as bedtime lullabies. Sometimes all you need to do is shut off the chaos around you.

  1. Cleaning Wipes

You may clean the spill on the floor, the keyboard on your laptop, the desk, the doorknob, and more. They come in enormous tubs that last forever and are fast and simple. Unquestionably one of the essentials for college.

  1. Coffeemaker

Caffeine is a divine gift. A coffee maker in your dorm room may greatly assist, whether you have early courses or late-night study sessions.

  1. Desk lamps

It’s common knowledge that dorm rooms have poor illumination. Make sure to get a light for your room if you want to protect your eyes.

  1. Shower Caddy

In many dorms, you will share a restroom with your roommates, your floor, or the whole building. As a result, moving and storing all of your bathroom supplies is fast and simple with a shower caddy. Just make sure the caddy you choose is large enough to hold everything. It will probably be necessary to store your bath towel, face soap, body washes, shaving cream, razors, shampoo, and washcloths.

  1. mini toolkit

Having a toolbox is a fast way to make friends. You never know when a screwdriver may come in handy, and the attractive coed down the hall could require assistance putting anything together.

  1. surplus of school and office supplies

And when I say excess, I mean mounds. We’re talking paper, notebooks, binders, dividers, highlighters, report covers, those fancy tiny tabs to attach on textbook pages, a 3-hole puncher, a regular-size stapler, and a little stapler to throw in your bag.

  1. Extra-long TV cable

In my experience, the position of the cable connection could be better. It’s never the area where a TV would make the most sense. Bring a lengthy cable instead to avoid the hassle.

  1. cozy, colorful rug

Either your dorm has lovely dull, brown tiling or a 20-year-old carpet with worrisome stains. Bring a rug that both you and your roommate will like. Your little dorm room will be suddenly transformed into your home.

  1. Trash liners

You’ll be surprised at how much garbage you gather in a short period, so you’ll need many liners for when you need to transport it to the dumpster. Use your supermarket bags for garbage whenever feasible as a money-saving tip!

  1. First Aid Kit

Accidents sometimes, unfortunately, happen. When you have a minor emergency, keeping a tiny first aid kit in your room might be your greatest friend. Many kits will include practical goods like nail clippers, cough pills, bandages, stain remover, and antibiotic ointment, among other things.

  1. Mattress Topper

The beds in dorm rooms aren’t usually the comfiest. You may sleep better by adding a comfort layer using a mattress pad or mattress topper.

  1. Command hanging strips and hooks

These are invaluable. A brick or cinder block wall is difficult to nail through, and you shouldn’t try. Make posters and other decorations with the strips. Use the hooks to store your hats and jewelry conveniently.

  1. a pile of pillows and blankets

You never know when a buddy will opt to sleep during an all-nighter or when unexpected visitors will show up. Bring a couple of extra pillows and blankets if you prefer to study on the floor or in bed.

  1. big calendar (desk or wall) in addition to your planner

Plan out when significant assignments and papers are due using a large calendar. You’re less likely to forget that something essential is approaching if you can see it every day and regularly update your calendar. One of the essentials for college is a calendar to complement your planner.

  1. backpack

Accept that you will essentially spend the next four years living out of a bag. More pockets are always better. You get the idea:

  • A pocket for pencils
  • A pocket for schoolwork
  • A pocket for electronics
  • A pocket for food

Get a nice, durable bag that will transport some heavy textbooks.

  1. Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated daily is crucial because of all the walking and socializing college students undertake. Using less plastic and carrying a reusable water bottle will benefit the environment and save you from taking out more garbage each week.

  1. Flipflops for the shower

Non-negotiable. Gross foot fungus. Avoid spreading it and acquiring it. Wear just flip-flops.

  1. Storage Options

There will be a lot of strange items laying about in your little room. Place the mess in a canvas or fabric storage container to make cleanup fast and simple. If you get a robust ottoman, you may even utilize it as additional sitting. Ottomans are also great to have around. Under-bed storage is a popular choice among college students because of the widespread usage of bed risers.

  1. Air Freshener Spray

Small space, big smells.

  1. Internet cable

One item every college student needs is an internet wire. Wi-Fi is fantastic, but dormitories should not have it. Every student often uses the internet on many devices simultaneously, significantly slowing it down. Most of the time, connecting to an Ethernet connection will keep you operating more quickly, making completing last-minute assignments and homework easier.

  1. Mini Fridge

While some dorm rooms could feature a complete kitchen, others might not. There are many places to dine on and near campus, but sometimes you may prefer some snacks and beverages in your room. Include a microwave and a mini-fridge for your cold products so that you may prepare some fast, simple meals in your dorm room.

  1. Spare phone chargers and battery

If you use your phone often, always have an extra charger. You may connect when eating, in class, or at the library. You’ll be completely charged when you are ready to go to the next location! You may also purchase an extra-long charger to make your phone more plug-accessible.

  1. flashlight and booklight

Possibly, your sleeping patterns will be different if you share a room. You’ll need a book light for those evenings when you don’t feel like going to the library and would rather study in your room. Avoid being the annoying neighbor who insists on turning on the overhead light when your roommate is trying to get some beauty rest.

  1. AA and AAA batteries

That is self-explanatory. Calculator. Light on the reading. Fan. Remotes. It’s one of the college necessities.

  1. lap desk

the best innovation of all time. I just invested in a great lap desk for a measly $11. It has everything, even a cup holder. However, you should remove your laptop from your lap and place it on a flat table to give it room to breathe.

  1. Laundry Basket

Everything in the hamper has to be put away. Get yourself a hamper rather than throwing things on the floor or the end of the bed.

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