30 Patriotic Flag Day Preschool Activities

Celebrating Flag Day is an opportunity to teach children about national pride and the importance of being an active and engaged citizen. Incorporating a variety of patriotic Flag Day activities into your preschool curriculum will help ensure that young learners understand the importance of this special day. To help, we’ve come up with a list of 30 inspiring Flag Day activities that are perfect for preschoolers.

1. Flag Day Story Time: Read stories about the history and origins of Flag Day to your class.

2. Color the Flag: Provide each student with a coloring sheet of the American flag, and have them color it in with the correct colors.

3. Pledge of Allegiance: Have students practice reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in unison.

4. America Theme Art: Create an American-themed art project, such as a collage of the American flag with red and blue construction paper.

5. Flag Day Crafts: Make a variety of Flag Day crafts, such as a flag banner or star-shaped decorations.

6. Flag Day Parade: Have the students create their own mini parade. Have them march around the classroom or playground with American flags.

7. Star-Spangled Snack: Create a snack mix of red, white, and blue candy, such as M&Ms or Skittles, to celebrate Flag Day.

8. Listen to Patriotic Music: Play your favorite patriotic tunes and have the students sing and dance along.

9. Show and Tell: Give each student a turn to bring in a special item related to the American flag and share it with the class.

10. “My Flag” Poem: Have students recite a poem about the American flag and discuss the meaning behind the words.

11. Flag Day Games: Host a game of “Pin the Star on the Flag” or create a game of Flag Day Bingo.

12. Flag Day Snack Craft: Make a Flag Day snack craft using pretzel sticks, marshmallows, and red and blue frosting.

13. US Geography: Give students a map of the US and have them identify the states and capitals.

14. Flag Day Celebrations: Research different Flag Day celebrations around the US and discuss the various ways people choose to celebrate.

15. Flag Day Songs: Sing a variety of Flag Day-themed songs, such as “You’re a Grand Old Flag” and “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.”

16. I Spy the Flag: Play a game of I Spy with the American flag. Give clues such as “I spy with my little eye something red, white, and blue.”

17. Flag Day Puzzles: Give each student a Flag Day puzzle to complete.

18. Dress Like a Patriot: Have students dress up in red, white, and blue and talk about the importance of being patriotic.

19. Flag Day Coloring Pages: Print out coloring pages of the American flag for students to color.

20. Patriotic Quotes: Discuss a variety of patriotic quotes and have the students choose one to share with the class.

21. Name That Flag: Give students a variety of flags from around the world and have them name each one.

22. Flag Day Ceremony: Create a Flag Day ceremony to honor the American flag. This can include reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing patriotic songs.

23. Flag Day Word Search: Print out a Flag Day word search for the students to complete.

24. Flag Day Trivia:
Ask a variety of Flag Day-related trivia questions and have the students answer them.

25. Flag Day Math: Have the students practice counting and addition by counting the stars and stripes on the American flag.

26. Flag Day Writing: Give each student a piece of paper and have them write a story or poem about the American flag.

27. Popcorn Flag:
Create a popcorn flag using pieces of string and popcorn.

28. Flag Day Art: Have students create an art project using red, white, and blue paint or paper.

29. Flag Day Scavenger Hunt: Hide items related to Flag Day around the room and have the students hunt for them.

30. Flag Day Race: Divide the class into two teams and host a relay race while carrying a small American flag. The first team to cross the finish line wins!

These 30 Flag Day activities are sure to get your preschoolers excited about celebrating this special day. By incorporating these activities into your curriculum, you’ll be able to provide your students with a meaningful and informative Flag Day experience.

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