30+ Student Discounts to Take Advantage of Today

Student discounts may help you save money on computers, tickets, clothing, and other items.

Discover the top student discounts in this article.


  • Students may get special prices on computers, streaming services, and other items.
  • Students may save money through Apple student discounts, Amazon Prime Student, and other offers. Target, Microsoft, Spotify, YouTube, and Nike offer student discounts.
  • For more discounts, students can check with their school.


You may need to know that college students are entitled to discounts on merchandise, computers, streaming services, etc. Check for a student discount before purchasing in college; you might save hundreds of dollars.


Visit websites like UNiDAYS, which links students with hundreds of discounts and the student discounts mentioned here. Be careful to look at discounts offered by both your neighborhood and school.


The finest student discounts for computers, travel, apparel, streaming services, and everything else a college student would need are on our list.


Entertainment Student Discounts


Do you realize how much college students spend annually on entertainment—$2.4 billion? Fortunately, savings from discounts may enable them to spend less on amusement.


The Hulu student discount is one of the greatest offers available regarding streaming services. Students have to pay $1.99 a month to access Hulu.


What about a student discount for either Netflix or HBO Max? Netflix regrettably does not provide a student discount, and HBO discontinued its student discount program.


However, you may go online for a Disney+ student discount. Additionally, students are entitled to a 25% Paramount+ discount. Additionally, YouTube Premium provides a $6.99 monthly student discount.


Combining student discounts may sometimes result in even greater savings. Showtime is available via the Amazon Prime Student program for 99 cents per month. Similarly, Apple TV is free to use if you have a student membership to Apple Music.


Remember to look into local sports and movie theatre deals. For instance, in eligible locations, Cinemark provides student discounts with ID. Additionally, several professional sports teams provide discounts to students.


Laptop Student Discounts


90% of college students use laptops nowadays. And what’s the good news for students who want to update their gear or require a new laptop? There are several laptop discounts available to students.


Students may use the Apple discount for laptops, iPads, and other Mac goods. Yes, a student discount for the MacBook Air is included. Apple items generally cost 10% less with the school discount.


If you don’t like Macs, look at Dell’s student discounts on laptops. On computers and other things, there are various discounts offered. Additionally, students are eligible for discounts of up to 10% off on Xbox consoles and Surface tablets. Lenovo also sells laptops at a discount of 5%.


Software and Electronics Student Discounts


College students are also eligible for software and hardware discounts, so technology savings go beyond laptops.


Deals on laptops, video games, tablets, headphones, and telephones are available at Best Buy with a valid student ID. Even TVs and other appliances are discounted for students.


The Microsoft Office student discount is the best available for students regarding software savings. This enables students to utilize the Office 365 suite without charge.


The Adobe Creative Cloud, which contains Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, is also discounted for students. Users generally pay $52.99 per month. However, students pay $19.99.


The GitHub Student Developer Pack for students in IT areas contains design and development tools. Students who confirm their enrolment in school can skip paying for the service.


Lastly, Squarespace gives students who want to build their website a 50% discount.


Music Student Discounts


A staggering $13.4 billion was earned by music streaming services in 2020. Fortunately, many of the biggest streaming providers have discounts for students, which may help you save money on music and other services.


One of the greatest packages on offer is, without a doubt, the Spotify student discount. For only $4.99 a month, you can subscribe to Spotify Premium, Hulu, and Showtime.


You may also look at Apple Music, which has Apple TV and costs $4.99 monthly. Or there’s TIDAL, which gives college students a 50% discount.


Clothing and Apparel Student Discounts


College students may build a whole wardrobe by exclusively purchasing items from retailers that provide discounts to students.


Student discounts are available at retailers including Aeropostale, American Eagle, and H&M. At H&M and Aeropostale, you can save up to 15%, while at American Eagle, you can save up to 20%.


Calvin Klein and J.Crew provide discounts, with Calvin Klein giving up to 10% off and J.Crew giving 15% off with a student ID on in-store and online purchases.


Athletic clothing is available at a discount so that you can stock up. College students who purchase from Nike get a 10% discount, while those who purchase from Adidas receive up to 15% off.


Are those shops out of your price range? Students with a verified student ID are eligible for discounts at several Goodwill stores on one day every week. Ask your local Goodwill shop whether they provide a student discount, and if so, on what days and how much.


Travel Student Discounts


Students often get travel discounts, whether they are traveling domestically or internationally.

Contact your school or local public transit provider to learn more about public transport savings for local travel. Many universities work with transportation companies to provide exclusive discounts.


If you’re planning a longer journey, check out Greyhound, which gives college students a 10% discount on tickets. Similarly, Amtrak offers students 15% off train tickets, and rail passes.

Investigate StudentUniverse’s discounts for trips abroad and holidays.


Shopping Student Discounts


Dorm room decorating is necessary. Or are you trying to get inexpensive groceries? Student discounts are available at several large big-box shops and online merchants.


For savings on everything from shipping to music to food, check out Amazon Prime Student. After the first six months are free, a student subscription for Prime costs $69 annually. Faster shipping, Prime Video, Amazon Music, & free food delivery are all included with this charge.


Even Amazon and StudentUniverse have a partnership that allows members to get discounts of up to 10% on hotels and flights.


The Target student discount also offers a 15% discount to college students. Students must register for a Target.com account and provide proof of their student status to get this discount. The discount is valid on various goods sold by Target, including clothing, food, school supplies, furniture, and other goods.

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