30 Ways Teachers Can Treat Themselves for Less Than $5

Introduction: Teaching can be a demanding and tiring profession, but it’s essential for educators to take some time to indulge in a little self-care. Here are 30 ways teachers can treat themselves for less than $5.

  1. Download a relaxing or upbeat playlist on Spotify and enjoy it during your break.
  2. Brew yourself a cup of your favorite tea or coffee at home and bring it in a thermos to school.
  3. Grab a snack at the vending machine during break time.
  4. Run a soothing bubble bath at home after a long day of teaching.
  5. Treat yourself to an e-book from Amazon, which often has great deals and discounts.
  6. Indulge in your favorite ice cream from the grocery store.
  7. Prepare a cozy movie night at home with your favorite film.
  8. Buy an adult coloring book and spend 30 minutes getting creative with colorful markers or colored pencils.
  9. Write down five things you’re grateful for every day.
  10. Try out a new recipe for dinner, experimenting with budget-friendly ingredients.
  11. Download a meditation app like Headspace and practice mindfulness for five minutes daily.
  12. Partake in some light exercise on YouTube with free workout videos – yoga, Zumba, or Pilates!
  13. Discover a new podcast about education and self-improvement during your commute to work.
  14. Visit the library to check out new books and movies free of charge.
  15. Buy yourself an essential oil blend (lavender, eucalyptus) and create a relaxing environment at home by diffusing them.
  16. Look up DIY face mask recipes online to create your own spa day at home using ingredients found in your kitchen.
  17. Purchase an inexpensive bouquet of flowers from the local market to brighten up your day (and your workspace).
  18. Browse Pinterest for inexpensive and easy DIY crafts to do on your own or with your kids.
  19. Organize a potluck with fellow teachers to try new dishes and bond over shared meals.
  20. Use Skype or Zoom to catch up with friends over a virtual movie night.
  21. Buy a single-serving indulgent dessert from the bakery for those challenging days.
  22. Download a language learning app like Duolingo and learn a few phrases in a language you’ve always wanted to master.
  23. Enjoy an ice-cold juice blend from the grocery store on hot afternoons.
  24. Visit local parks and enjoy the scenery, exploring green spaces and picnic spots that are free of charge.
  25. Try your hand at journaling or poetry for 30 minutes as a creative outlet.
  26. Attend at-home workout classes with local teachers, which charge minimal fees but provide excellent instruction.
  27. Watch inspiring TED talks during your free time – it’s free, educational, and motivating!
  28. Find discounted coupons—or better yet, free—for nearby yoga studios or fitness centers on Groupon or LivingSocial.
  29. Utilize apps like BorrowBox to listen to audiobooks through your library account without spending any extra money.
  30. Join a budget-friendly book club with other teachers who love reading.

Conclusion: With these 30 ideas for treating yourself, you can experience simple pleasures and enjoyment without breaking the bank. Give yourself the care you deserve – after all, you take care of so many others as an educator!

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