33 School Supplies Every College Student Needs

Preparing to enter college? Consider these essential college school supplies to ensure your time in higher education runs as smoothly as possible.


Students have been informed which school materials they will need for each class from elementary through high school. However, with the freedom that college gives, you may choose the most useful materials.


The proper college materials may make all the difference and help you succeed academically. The 33 essential items listed below are useful for all students, regardless of their field of study.


1. Pens


Our Recommendation: Zebra Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pens, 24-Pack


In school, having the appropriate pens might make all the difference. Zebra’s ballpoint pens may help you take notes more quickly and accurately while making them more comfortable during extended study sessions. In this 24-pack, you’ll get both black and blue pens.


2. Pencils


Our Recommendation: BIC Xtra-Smooth Mechanical Pencils, 40-Pack


These highly regarded No. 2 mechanical pencils have an easy-erasing, black, smudge-resistant lead that makes for clearer class notes and cleaner exam scantron sheets. Thanks to the practical mechanical action, you also won’t need to bother about purchasing a pencil sharpener.


3. Erasers


Our Recommendation: Amazon Basics Pink Erasers, 12-Count


You’ll need an eraser to erase temporary notes, clear up diagrams, or alter a scantron response. These reasonably priced, vintage pink erasers provide a nice grip and can remove pencil traces without leaving streaks or needing excessive pressure. You’ll get plenty of use out of the 12-count pack as well.


4. Highlighters


Our Recommendation: Sharpie Liquid Retractable Highlighters, 8-Pack


You may concentrate on key information by underlining key portions in your textbook and taking notes. With the fashionable and vibrant colors included in this set of retractable highlighters, it’s simple to color-code and organizes your notes and sections for later reference. No neon streaks will appear on whatever paper you use them on, thanks to the harmless, smudge-proof ink.


5. Pencil Case


Our Recommendation: EAST HILL Big Capacity Pencil Case


This substantial pencil case allows you to easily store and safeguard your college materials. Up to 50 pens or 90 pencils, as well as other tiny objects like erasers, may be kept in the EAST HILL case. Several hues are available, including black, pink, cyan, and yellow.


6. Notebooks


Our Recommendation: Oxford 1-Subject, College-Ruled Spiral Notebooks, 6-Pack


With this assortment of six single-subject notebooks, you may quickly arrange your notes by class. Each notebook has 70 college-ruled pages that are three-hole punched for storage in binders and perforated for simple removal. Each sheet is tough and reduces pen and marker bleed-through.


7. Folders


Our Recommendation: Five Star 4-Pocket Folders, 6-Pack


These folders by Five Star include horizontal pockets for reference charts like measurement conversions and vertical pockets for holding documents. They are three-hole punched and available in various colors for simple binder storage. Additionally, the folders are waterproof.


8. Binders


Our Recommendation: Samsill Plant-Based Durable 2-Inch 3-Ring Binders, 4-Pack


Nothing surpasses the three-ring binder for organizing documents, keeping schoolwork clean, or presenting a bound report. Because it is made of plants, this pack reduces the amount of plastic waste in the environment. With the four-pack, you’ll have a binder to organize your college coursework.


9. Notebook Paper


Our Recommendation: Oxford College-Ruled Filler Paper, 500 Sheets


These three-hole-punched, college-ruled notebook pages are made for students. More writing can be done because of the thinner lines, and the sheets take up less room in binders. They produce less debris as well.


10. Planner


Our Recommendation: Smart Academic Planner


Keeping track of due dates, deadlines, academic calendars, and personal meetings is simple with a planner. This academic diary has weekly and monthly calendars with a stylish faux leather covering.


11. Sticky Notes


Our Recommendation: Vanpad Sticky Notes, 8-Pack


Reminders may be easily attached to almost any surface using sticky notes from your desk to your laptop. These eight 82-sheet pads provide strong sheets and various vivid, enduring colors.


12. Book Tabs


Our Recommendation: Lysias Neon Page Markers Colored Index Tabs


Using book tabs, you may mark certain pages and sections for further reference without permanently marking the book. Additionally, they make it easier for you to easily locate page numbers and reference materials in class. It’s simple to categorize passages and pages with the neon book tabs in this 560-piece set.


13. Calculator


Our Recommendation: Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator


You’ll need a dependable calculator if you’re enrolled in a college science or math course. You may see numerous equations simultaneously and save your solutions with the TI-36X Pro. Students studying science and engineering might even feel secure in their environments.


14. Binder Clips


Our Recommendation: DSTELIN Binder Clips Assorted Sizes, 100-Count


Large stacks of documents may be fastened using binder clips without causing any damage or paper loss. These tempered steel clips are easy to remove and reuse while offering a firm grip. You may choose from micro to extra-big sizes.


15. Stapler


Our Recommendation: Amazon Basics Stapler


This practical office stapler has 200 staples and can bind up to 10 sheets. The hinged back makes it simple to staple documents to other materials, and the rubber base sticks to most surfaces. With this stapler, you get 1,000 staples.


16. Scissors


Our Recommendation: iBayam Multipurpose Scissors, 3-Pack


These versatile scissors have straight handles that are cozy to hold, and the stainless steel blades provide clean cuts. These scissors, available in three hues (mint, grey, and purple), are very strong and functional, making them ideal for any college student.


17. Tape


Our Recommendation: Scotch Magic Tape, 6 Rolls


One of the best-reviewed tape brands is Scotch. In addition to repairing numerous objects around their homes, students may use tape to hang papers, construct crafts, and seal folders. You can always have enough tape on hand with a six-pack.


18. Paper Clips


Our Recommendation: Officemate PVC-Free Color-Coated Paper Clips


To keep your documents nice and organized, use these paper clips. Bright colors are eye-catching and may also be used to color-code stacks of notes and papers. There won’t be any unintentional paper rips or cuts thanks to the smooth surface.


19. Note Cards


Our Recommendation: Amazon Basics 4 x 6-Inch Ruled Lined Index Cards


Note cards are crucial for college students since they are ideal for creating flashcards and presentation notes. This set’s 500 heavy-duty index cards include lining on one side for a neater, more polished appearance.


20. Three-Hole Punch


Our Recommendation: Bostitch Office 3-Hole Punch


You may arrange wayward papers and place them in binders with a three-hole punch. It can punch up to 12 sheets of paper simultaneously and is available in silver and grey. It is sturdy and simple to use because of its rubber base, which offers a secure grip on various surfaces.


21. Water Bottle


Our Recommendation: Thermoflask Double Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle


Up to 40 ounces of your favorite beverages may be kept at the perfect temperature for longer in this vacuum-insulated, BPA-free water bottle. The food-grade stainless steel prevents corrosion and minimizes humidity. There are two lids included, and you may choose from various colors.


22. Backpack


Our Recommendation: Matein Travel Laptop Backpack


Any college student who has to carry bulky textbooks, computers, and personal goods must have a backpack. This bag comes in various colors and is spacious enough to hold anything you need, including computers and books. Additionally, it’s waterproof, so your books and devices are protected, whatever the weather.


23. Laptop


Our Recommendation: Microsoft Surface Pro 8


The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a great laptop and tablet combination option. You get the best of both worlds with a touchscreen for rapid navigation and a fully functioning keyboard for taking notes and composing papers. It is also lightweight, weighing less than 2 pounds, making it simple to transport between courses.


24. Wireless Mouse


Our Recommendation: ZERU Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Mouse


More than 99% of Bluetooth-enabled devices are compatible with this stylish wireless mouse. It includes a rechargeable battery that is USB compatible and can last up to 500 hours. The options available to students include shades of black, silver, rose gold, and yellow.


25. Flash Drive


Our Recommendation: SanDisk 128 GB Ultra Flair USB 3.0 Flash Drive


Your crucial data may be transported and backed up on a flash drive for convenience. This flash drive has 128 GB of storage capacity, enough for your documents, projects, and private information. With a USB 3.0 connection, transmission rates are lightning-quick.


26. Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Our Recommendation: ZZD Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Blue light exposure from extended computer usage often results in headaches and eye strain. By blocking blue light, these glasses will prevent eye strain. The untinted lenses of the ZZD blue light-blocking glasses, which come in various styles and colors, preserve color while protecting your eyes.


27. Wireless Earbuds


Our Recommendation: TOZO T10 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds


With each charge, the charging box for these wireless earbuds offers up to six hours of gameplay and excellent sound quality. Many Bluetooth gadgets link and sync with them automatically. The available hues are khaki, blue, grey, and black.


28. Headset With Microphone


Our Recommendation: Logitech H390 USB Headset With Noise-Canceling Microphone


Using a headset with a microphone enables good communication during Zoom meetings and online courses. Thanks to the noise-canceling technology in this Logitech headset, you will still be understood. You won’t feel burdened during class because of the product’s modest and lightweight profile.


29. Office Chair Pillow


Our Recommendation: Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair


This fashionable cushion is made of breathable material and is soft. It follows the contours of your back to provide support, pain alleviation, and posture management. This office chair cushion comes in blue, red, and black hues and has adjustable straps and a lifetime guarantee.


30. Desk Lamp


Our Recommendation: AFROG Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp


For late-night study sessions, you’ll be well-prepared with a portable LED desk light. Five illumination modes, five brightness settings, and an auto-off timer are included with this lamp. Thanks to a rechargeable battery with a USB charging socket, you can use the light wirelessly.


31. Printer


Our Recommendation: HP DeskJet Wireless Color All-in-One Printer


A printer is a must for students taking distance learning courses or creating presentations and reports. The wireless HP DeskJet all-in-one printer is ideal for small apartments or dorm rooms. Additionally, it has a color scanner and offers free ink for six months.


32. Printer Paper


Our Recommendation: HP BrightWhite Printer Paper, 500 Sheets


This vibrant, resilient paper is made from sustainable forest resources and works with various printers. This bundle includes 500 sheets, or 24 pounds, of premium printer paper so you can easily print assignments, pictures, and other school documents.


33. Power Strip


Our Recommendation: Anker 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector


With 12 outlets and a surge protector, this mountable power strip has space for your most crucial gadgets. Additionally, it has four fast-charging USB connections and overheating safeguards. You have many alternatives for arranging your house with the 6-foot cord.

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