35 ESL Warm-up Activities for Small Classes

Warm-up activities provide students with an opportunity to prepare for class by practicing the language skills they will need.

ESL warm-up activities can be used in small classes to help students prepare for the day. Activities vary in difficulty, so they can be tailored to the level of the class. Some activities can also be used to help students practice their reading and writing skills.

Many of the activities can be done in pairs or groups, which can help students know each other and build relationships. Some of the activities can also be used to practice cooperative learning.

The activities are listed in alphabetical order, but they can be organized in any way that makes them easier to use.


  1. Build a Snowman
  2. Draw a Picture
  3. Grammar Games
  4. Play a Memory Game
  5. Practice Reading
  6. Practice Writing
  7. Practice Speaking
  8. Sing a Song
  9. Sort Pictures
  10. Practice Listening
  11. Practice Math
  12. Practice Technology
  13. Practice Foreign Language
  14. Practice Geography
  15. Practice Social Studies
  16. Practice Religion
  17. Practice crafts
  18. Practice cooking
  19. Practice plants
  20. Practice with animals
  21. Practice work
  22. Practice decision making
  23. Practice interviewing
  24. Practice basic manners
  25. Practice traveling
  26. Practice budgeting
  27. Practice team building
  28. Practice time management
  29. Practice stress management
  30. Practice health and fitness
  31. Practice job search
  32. Practice meeting new people
  33. Practice basic conversation
  34. Practice interview questions
  35. Practice basic conversation
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