4 Questions Every Educator Should Ask About M-learning

As we further develop technologically, it makes sense that our daily lives and spheres of society adapt and change to include our new technological breakthroughs. We live in a day and age where we carry around a device that grants us access to virtually anything we might need. 

However, most think that our cellphones are nothing more than a distraction, something to pull us away from our work and education. Today, we will enlighten you about M-learning to help you figure out if you should incorporate it into your practice.

What Is M-learning?

M-learning, not to be confused with E-Learning, is taking education to the mobile world through smartphones and other portable devices. Conducting lessons online may have seemed like a farfetched dream 30, 20, or even 10 years ago. Today, it is viable and encouraged, making education far more streamlined and accessible to all. It allows educators to connect and educate remotely and reach out to learners who cannot always attend in-person lessons. 

Check With Your Learners if M-learning is Best for Them

Everyone responds differently to different stimuli. Some learners might take to the idea of m-learning and love it. Others might take some time to come around or not respond well, which can be a great detriment to their learning experience. Always ask if m-learning is actually helping your learners, if it would be a hindrance, or even perhaps a gateway to distraction.

Consider Their Digital Literacy and Needs

Not everyone is tech-savvy or has the technological requirements for m-learning. Before you try and adapt m-learning into your teaching practices, ask your learners if they understand what it entails and what they will need to do during these lessons. Assist them in finding the perfect medium, so everyone has access to the material and understands it. 

Consider Microlearning

M-learning is perfect for facilitating microlearning. Microlearning is all about making lessons short and focused on specific information tailored to the subject at hand. It entails eliminating all the coaching and jumping right in, and utilizing alternate means to educate. You can teach using smaller packets of information that will save time and resources.


So should you consider M-learning? It entirely depends on your environment. After testing and communicating with your learners, if this is an excellent course to follow, you can begin exploring the different ways to incorporate m-learning. 

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