4 Quick and Easy Math Tricks for the Classroom

Connecting mathematics to fun and practical applications can make it a favorite subject among students. Empower young learners with these four quick and easy math tricks that are perfect for the classroom environment:
1. Multiplication by 11: To quickly multiply any two-digit number by 11, simply add the two digits of the original number together and place the sum in between them. For instance, to multiply 34 by 11, you add 3 + 4 to get 7, then place the 7 between the 3 and the 4 to get 374.
2. The Nine Times Finger Trick: For multiplication problems involving nine, students can use their fingers to find the answer. Have them spread out all ten fingers and lower the finger corresponding to the number they’re multiplying by nine (for example, for 9 x 3, lower the third finger). The number of fingers to the left of the lowered one represents tens, and to the right are ones.
3. Fast Addition with Round Numbers: Teach students to round numbers up or down to make them easier to add quickly in their heads. For example, when adding 456 + 298, it’s easier first to adjust 298 up to 300 (adding 2), then add this to 456 (to get 756), then subtract those extra 2 you added at the beginning.
4. The Magic of Number 5: When multiplying an even number by five, simply halve the number and put a zero at the end. For odd numbers, subtract one from that number before halving it and then append ‘5’ at the end instead of ‘0’. For example, to multiply 6 by five, half of six is three, so just add a zero for your answer of 30; while multiplying five with nine (an odd number), reduce it first to eight, half is four, so your answer is forty-five.
Incorporating these math tricks into classroom activities not only makes learning fun but also enhances mental calculation skills for students of all ages.

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