4 Random Name Pickers

In today’s post, I’ll show you some of my favorite random name generator tools for usage in class with your kids. The solutions are web-based and do not require the installation of any software. They’re also free and straightforward to use.

As educators and teachers, we are always making decisions. We make the decisions about what to convey and how to do it. What to include and/or exclude, how to begin our class, which activities to include, which pupils require immediate assistance with which learning area, and so on.

However, as vital as decision-making is, it can be time-consuming and energy-draining, especially when it involves micromanagement. It doesn’t really have to be the situation, though. Some of our decision-making can be delegated to technology.

Activities requiring the selection of students’ names, for example, can be readily managed by utilizing random name picker software (and group generator tools). These free online tools allow you to create random names for whatever activity you want to undertake with pupils.

These tools are straightforward to use. These are appropriate for both online and face-to-face teaching. Here’s how it usually works: Enter your input (for example, student names), spin the wheel, and obtain random outcomes. 

1- Rand Name Picker by ClassTools

Class Tools’ Random Name Picker is unquestionably one of the greatest random name pickers available. It is simple to use. To begin spinning the wheel, type in the students’ names, hit submit, and then click on the wheel. When the chosen name is presented, the program asks if you want to keep or remove it. You can edit, save, and share your list and embed it in your blog or class website.

2- ABCYa’s Random Name Picker

Another wonderful random name generator to use in class with your pupils. It allows you to randomly choose a student’s name for a class task. It functions similarly to the prior tool. “Fill in the text area with as many names as you’d like, then spin the wheel to discover which name is chosen! After you’ve picked a name, a window will appear asking if you want to delete it “.

3- Wheel of Names

A popular stupid nickname generator is Wheel of Names. You may just fill in your pupils’ names or use photographs, then click to spin, much like the two prior tools. Shuffling and sorting names are also available in The Wheel of Names. Another interesting feature is the option to connect your wheel to a Google sheet and import names from there. The offline version of Wheel of Names works but does not allow you to share or store your wheels.

4- Picker Wheel

Picker Wheel functions similarly to the prior gadget. To spin the wheel and get random outcomes, simply type in your data and hit. The Settings button allows you to configure the Wheel to your liking. For example, you may vary the spinning duration and speed, disable confetti, mute the music, personalize the starting and ending noises, change the wheel’s background and colors with different themes, and so on. 

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