4 Reasons You Should Study Geography

Usually, people are under the wrong impression that geography does not offer many job opportunities, and there are no jobs for a geographer. They think that studying geography does not yield any tangible benefits, so what is the point in pursuing the subject in school or college? This may be valid to some extent, but the truth is that it is beneficial to study geography. A knowledge of geography can offer career opportunities in fields like emergency management and business location systems. Let us discuss the reasons why you should study geography.

Understand Your Planet

Geography helps you understand things associated with your planet. If you know geography, it will be easier to understand problems like global warming, climate change, El Nino, desertification, and issues related to water resources. If you study political geography, you can comprehend global political problems among different countries, cultures, and regions. News channels provide news about things happening all over the world.

Know About the Geographical Regions

The developed nations have made rapid progress. But you can see from the occurrence of frequent disasters that the developing countries still need to improve. If you study geography, you will know the differences between the various regions of the world. Some geographers pursue a career in the field to learn and understand a particular region or nation. They acquire a thorough knowledge of the culture, language, religion, foods, and landscape of the area. Such geographers are needed to gain a proper understanding of the world. People who have expert knowledge of hotspot regions are sure to find several career opportunities.

Be an Enlightened Global Citizen

Besides knowing about your planet and the people of various regions, you can also be a well-educated global citizen. By studying geography, you will learn how to do research, think critically, and communicate your thoughts to others. Your knowledge of the subject will help you convey your ideas independently through writing or any other means.

Geography has a broad scope. It offers several career opportunities. At the same time, it also gives you knowledge about how the world is changing rapidly and how human beings are influencing the planet.

Significance of Geography

It is known as “the mother of all sciences.” Geography was the first field of study. People started studying geography when they wanted to know what was there on the other side of a sea or mountain. Due to this, people discovered many useful resources. Cultural geographers usually study transportation networks, cities, and peoples’ way of life. Physical geographers study the terrain, landforms, and landscapes. It is a remarkable subject that combines the knowledge of several fields so that researchers and scientists can gain a better understanding of this beautiful planet.

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