4 Strategies for Implementing Standards-Based Learning

Standard-based learning is an approach to teaching and learning that is based on the use of established and measurable standards. When teaching and learning are based on standards, students can be sure that what they learn is applicable to the real world.

There are four main strategies for implementing standards-based learning:

  1. Implementing standards in the curriculum: This approach requires that the standards be integrated into the curriculum and that teachers are trained in how to measure students’ learning against those standards. Develop a clear mission for learning.
  2. Using assessment tools to measure student learning: The use of assessment tools to measure student learning against standards can help teachers to identify student mastery of the subject.
  3. Creating a standards-based assessment system: A standards-based assessment system helps educators identify which students have mastered the standards and which need additional instruction. This includes assigning specific learning outcomes to each standard and monitoring and evaluating student progress
  4. Coordinating instruction around standards: This approach involves coordinating instruction around the standards so that students are learning consistently and effectively.
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