45 Fun And Simple Gym Games For Kids

Playing in a gym is always exciting and engaging for kids, combining physical activity with having a great time. Gym games not only help children improve their fitness levels but also boost their social skills and mental development. Check out these 45 fun and simple gym games that kids will absolutely love!

1. Tag

2. Freeze Tag

3. Duck, Duck, Goose

4. Red Light, Green Light

5. Simon Says

6. Hopscotch

7. Jump Rope (solo or double dutch)

8. Hula Hoop Contest

9. Capture the Flag

10. Relay Races (sack race, wheelbarrow race, crab walk race)

11. Parachute Games (popcorn, merry-go-round, cat and mouse)

12. Musical Chairs

13. Four Corners

14. Obstacle Course

15. Volleyball (with beach balls for younger kids)

16. Basketball Knockout (shooting contest)

17. Soccer Shootout (penalty kicks)

18. Tug of War

19. Dodgeball

20. Steal the Bacon

21. Sharks and Minnows

22. Crab Soccer

23. Tic-Tac-Toe Relay

24. Sock Toss

25. Balloon Volleyball

26. Wall Climbing Race

27. Scooter Board Races

28. Cone Flip Challenge

29. Horseshoes or Ring Toss

30.Trim the Sails (teamwork exercise)

31.Balloon Stomp (pop the balloon tied to your opponent’s ankle)

32.Clean Your Room (a teamwork-based cleanup game with balls and brooms)

33.Bean Bag Ladder Toss

34.Pizza Delivery – Balance a frisbee on your open hand while running.

35.Target Practice – Throw bean bags or softballs at targets.

36.Rowboat – Pair up kids, and have them sit back-to-back with legs outstretched. They must move as a pair without using their hands.

37.Tunnel Relay – Team members must crawl through a tunnel made by the legs of their teammates.

38.Moonwalk Races – Using large, inflated moon shoes, race from one point to another.

39.Giant Tic-Tac-Toe – Use hula hoops and bean bags to create a giant game board.

40.Frisbee Golf – Set up objects to hit with Frisbees as kids navigate the course.

41.Paper Plane Races – Create your own paper planes and race to see whose plane flies the furthest!

42.Bowling Alley – Set up plastic pins and practice knocking them down with a ball.

43.Treasure Hunt – Hide small objects in the gym, and give kids clues to find them.

44.Bumper Cars – Using gym scooters, kids push themselves around trying to tap each other’s scooters while avoiding being touched themselves!

45.Snake Relay – Kids line up holding hands – they must “slither” like a snake while staying connected.


These gym games are perfect for keeping kids active, entertained, and energized. They help promote physical fitness, teamwork, and hand-eye coordination, while also offering wholesome fun. Have a blast with these fantastic gym games that are easy to set up and guaranteed to put smiles on children’s faces!

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