45 Questions You’ll Nail at Your Teaching Interview


The teaching profession is highly competitive, and your performance during the interview can significantly impact your chances of securing a position. By preparing for these 45 questions, you can increase your chances of nailing your teaching interview and landing the job.

1. Why did you choose to become a teacher?

2. What is your teaching philosophy?

3. How do you handle classroom management?

4. What are your strategies for engaging students?

5. How do you accommodate different learning styles in your lessons?

6. How do you build rapport with students?

7. How do you ensure accurate assessments of student performance?

8. How have you integrated technology into your teaching methods?

9. What are your experiences with co-teaching or collaboration?

10. Describe how you prioritize your daily tasks.

11. Tell us about a time when you had to handle a difficult student or situation.

12. How do you communicate with parents and guardians about their child’s progress?

13. What does professional development mean to you, and how do you seek it out?

14. How do you teach critical thinking skills in the classroom?

15. Describe an instance when you implemented a change in curriculum and its impact on student learning.

16. What is your approach to addressing different student needs, such as special education or gifted students?

17. How would you help a struggling student succeed academically?

18. Describe how you motivate students who seem unmotivated by general instruction.

19. Tell us about any experience in assisting with extracurricular activities or coaching sports.

20. What kind of assessment tools do you prefer, and why?

21. How do you infuse multicultural perspectives into your teaching methods and materials?

22. Describe a successful lesson that showcases your teaching style.

23. How do you determine when it might be necessary to modify a lesson plan?

24. How do you stay up-to-date with educational trends and research findings?

25. Describe how collaboration with colleagues contributes to your effectiveness as a teacher.

26. How do you address the needs of English Language Learners in your classroom?

27. What are your methods for handling conflicts between students?

28. How do you help students develop good study habits and organizational skills?

29. How do you track student progress and adjust lesson plans accordingly?

30. Describe a typical parent-teacher conference with you.

31. What strategies have you used to manage stress from work and maintain a work-life balance?

32. How do you encourage creativity in the classroom?

33. How would you handle a situation where there are limited resources or materials available for your instruction?

34. Tell us about any experience in leading professional development or training for other teachers.

35. What kind of ongoing feedback do you provide to help students gain the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed academically?

36. Discuss your knowledge about Common Core State Standards or other relevant standards in your subject area.

37. Explain how you integrate social-emotional learning into your teaching approaches.

38. Describe how you differentiate instruction to accommodate different ability levels among students in your classroom.

39. How would you collaborate with support staff, such as school counselors, social workers, or paraprofessionals, to enhance student outcomes?

40. Discuss any measures taken to ensure safety in the classroom or around the school.

41. Tell us about any leadership roles or experiences that have prepared you for managing a classroom effectively.

42. How do you utilize data to inform instruction and drive improvement in student learning?

43. Describe how service learning experiences can be integrated into your teaching practices.

44. Discuss current challenges facing education and potential strategies to overcome these obstacles.

45. Describe a typical parent-teacher conference with you.

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